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chanic Arts erected. Twenty-six deaths from smallpox in the

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eligible for membership unless he had passed the examination

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uel Baker., M.D., University of Maryland, 1845. Died about 1852

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Savannah, Ga. ; settled after the War at the head of Elk River,

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A.B., Charleston College; M.D., Medical College of South Caro-

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Educated at the High School and Newton University, Baltimore;

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ond to an excursion to the coal mines. A special car was pro-

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Hopkins University, 1890; M..D., University of Maryland, 1892;

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Congress from Maryland. Discussion developed the fact that

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Chemistry by Dr. Charles Frick. Dr. Prick's work on the blood

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16). Smallpox appears at Baltimore; nineteen cases sent to

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step that led to the triumphs of Lister. It is true he used the

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WOODWARD, JAMES S. 1898. Born at Washington, D. C, July 25, 1855.

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OHR, CHARLES HENRY. Born at Funkstown, Washington County,

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for ^Etna Life and Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York,

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mer Course, University of Maryland, and Attending Physician in

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pearance in this country was at Medfield, in Massachusetts,

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day by the Secretary, Dr. Van Bibber, showed a higher stand-

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and permanently disabled. Died at Elkton about 1850. In list

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A.M., 1888; M.D., University of Maryland, 1881 ; Professor of Dis-

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by the Faculty at 122 West Fayette Street, Baltimore. Ad-

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56; Attending Physician, Baltimore General Dispensary, 1858-65;

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33; J. M. Stevenson, at Baltimore, March 6, aet. 37; J. M.

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ton University, 1873-74; Superintendent, Maryland Hospital for

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*GARRETSON, FREDERICK. Born in Gloucester County, Va., 1837; son

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Alumni Association of University of Maryland School of

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the profession. It ought to be a first principle in ethics that no

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*DUVAL, GRAFTON. 1802 (Federal Gazette, June 25). Born in Mary-

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as represented in this Faculty, endorsed and supported them."

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man who invents a new principle, as antipyrin, should not have

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University of Mississippi, 1891 ; M.D., University of Pennsylvania,

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ulty (no degree). Of Davidsonville, Anne Arundel County, Md.

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of the town might be said to be gathered under one roof. Also,

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and Aurist to Maryland General Hospital and Home for the Aged.

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10, 1813 ; disbanded, June 5, 1815 ; M.D., University of Maryland,

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MOTTER, GEORGE TROXELL. 1898. Born at Emmitsburg, Md., April 5,

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the disease. Power, for instance, furnishes striking evidence

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Medical Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital Dispensary, 1892; Demon-

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Harford County Medical Society founded. State Normal

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more for eighteen years ; then at Long Green, Baltimore County.

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that about ten per cent of the whole patent medicine and proprie-

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Educated at Bridgewater, Mass.; M.D., Howard University, 1872;

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cultural Chemistry and Scientific Farming in the University of Vir-

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sor Welch, and 1200 copies of the same sent out to physicians

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the Baltimore Medical Association, 1880-81. Died at Baltimore,

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club organized, Dr. Wil-

low dose depakote for anxiety


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