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1824, "Contributions to Anatomy," 8vo, Philadelphia, 1825; "Amer-

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PAGE, ISHAM RANDOLPH. 1890. Born at Richmond, Va,, June 3,

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Editor of the Journal of Eye, Ear and Throat Diseases, 1896 . 114

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and turning the flap downwards. In three of four cases oper-

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KADEL, ALBERT KIMBERLY. 1892. Born at Baltimore, July 4, 1856.

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a Founder of Physicians' Social Club, Sandy Spring; Vice-Presi-

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SHERWOOD, MARY. 1892. Born at Ballston Spa, N. Y. A.B., Vas-

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Dr. Roberts presented the report on Obstetrics. The Library

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tion of gas, and discovered carbonic acid. The School of

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VAN MARTER, JAMES GILBERT. 1890. Born at Basle, Switzerland,

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SEWALL, THOMAS R. 1831. M.D.; was present at meeting of 1848.

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to\vn, Baltimore County, Md., August 30, 1902, suddenly of angina

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CHAPPELEAR, HARRY C. 1809. Born at Hughesville, Charles County,

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*COULTER, MIFFLIN. 1833. Born in 1799. Pupil of Dr. John Coulter,

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During the spring he accompanied his regiment to Flanders,

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1736. Dr. Buckler Partridge arrives and settles at Jones

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Maddokes and Emperor Smith, chirurgeons, by order of Coun-

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ator; Judge of Orphans' Court; a very wealthy man. Of Calvert

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1875 ; Treasurer, Tunis Lumber, Company for fifteen years ; Presi-

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Chirurgical Faculty (April). Woman's Hospital for Medical

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29, Maryland Gazette}. Smallpox epidemic prevails in the

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*HALL, HENRY. 1801 (). Son of Elihu and Catherine Orrick Hall,

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Md., 1819. M.D., Jefferson College, 1844; resided at Trappe, Tal-

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land, 1822; practiced near Port Deposit. Died near Port Deposit,

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1832. In list of 1848 marked dead. (There were two of this

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Ear Clinic, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1893-94; Lec-

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M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, 1885, of 803

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"A Text-book of Anatomy and Guide to Dissection," Philadel-

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Physician to City Almshouse; Member of City Council, 1832-33.

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*HAMMOND, THOMAS. 1823. M.D., University of Maryland, 1823.

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bond of fellowship between the medical practitioners residing

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tion of the social evil. For the supervision of these and other in-

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dent, Maryland Public Health Association, 1898; resides at

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1849. M.D., University of Maryland, 1878; Surgeon, Relief Depart-

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Jr. Educated at Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, graduating

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for sixteen years ; Medical Examiner of Recruits, 1898 . 658 West

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99; Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A., assignment to duty in the

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town, Md. ; moved to Baltimore, 1873 5 Demonstrator of Anatomy,

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, June). Hospital for Crip-

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non-contagious) existed independently of diphtheria. In

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Deaths : Drs. John Stevenson, the founder of the Commerce

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County, 1776; Delegate to Maryland Convention, 1776; Judge of

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Church Home and Infirmary ; Professor of Surgery, Baltimore

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pany him over to the New World, and is trying to dispose of

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(Honorary), University of Pennsylvania, 1894; LL.D., Western

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Maddox Hammett, who was educated in Maryland and practiced

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tributes virus and inspects vaccine marks free (February 16).

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1794. On the American Fleet in the Chesapeake Bay, 1814; medical

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After all the vicissitudes of the century, it cannot but be a

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Margaret Anne, daughter of Gov. Robert Bowie, December 25,

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