Taking Coumadin And Bactrim Together

kind of work. The greatest credit for the organization of

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Association, rent of shelves, Jan. 10, 1854, $100; Library

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5, 1856. Educated in Europe and at the University of Virginia;

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at Baltimore ; Vaccine Physician, Baltimore, 1855-59 ; died 1859

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tia, 1810 ; author of "The Family Adviser," first edition, 1793 ; second

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Faculty was launched on its voyage of usefulness, in which,

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Lewiston ; pupil of Dr. W. Handy, of Baltimore; attended the

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1897 spoke of the dual function contemplated by the charter, part of

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The character of Dr. Crawford seems to have excited the

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A long and animated discussion then took place, at the close

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1865-72; removed to Baltimore, 1872; Vaccine Physician, 1873;

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editorial management subject to the censorship of the Faculty

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5, 1856. Educated in Europe and at the University of Virginia;

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House of Delegates; one of the "glorious nineteen" of 1836; mem-

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desire, it may be the necessity, to seek some new and retired

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ULMAN, SOLOMON JAY. 1892. Born at Baltimore, September 27, 1865.

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James Smith, 1811-1817; W. W. Handy, 1817-1834; Edmund

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the law passed by the Legislature at its session of 1838, chap.

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ADAMS, AMOS. 1837. Not M.D. ; practiced at Smithsburg, Washington

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B.A., University of Cambridge, England, 1866, and M.A., Cam-

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Infirmary, 1895-97; organized the Obstetrical Department of the

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1889; Assistant Surgeon, Presbyterian Eye, Ear and Throat Hospi-

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SCHEIDT, ROBERT P. C. 1893. Born at Baltimore, August 17, 1858.

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n, seventy-seven physicians being present. Sixteen papers

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and ravage the tissues And he declared that this was a law

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this or any other society, nor any honorable distinction is re-

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University of Maryland, 1883; First Assistant, Maryland Hospital

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Green County, Ala., where he held a high position as physician

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elicited from them on what is obscure in our own species, etc."

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by burning the works of Galen and Avicenna; he introduced

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napolis, 1830; M.D., University of Maryland, 1834; Demonstrator

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Deaths: Drs. George Brown, at Baltimore, August 24, set.

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Our own Dr. Welch, who at the request of the President had

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son of Dr. Richard Henry Thomas. A.B., Haverford College, Pa.;

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*HAYS, WILLIAM. Founder. 1799. Of Dorchester County, Md.

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sician to Baltimore General Dispensary, 1836-39. Died at Balti-

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founded by Drs. Henry Wilkins, James Smith, William Don-

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cated at Knapp's Institute ; M.D., College of Physicians and Sur-

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CAIRNES, GEORGE HENRY. 1880. Born in Harford County, Md., May

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Studying the Mammalian Heart," by Dr. H. Newell Martin,

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Drs. Thomas Andrews and John P. Ahl begin practice; the

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Founder of Baltimore County Medical Society; resides at Fork,

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tor, retired list, with rank of Rear Admiral, Amherst, N. H. (Polk,

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of a work on "Hysteria," 8vo, Philadelphia, 1897. 819 North

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consisted of 700 acres in one body. He directed that his ex-

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before it, as it did in favor of the Regents of the University

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and efforts had been made to render it attractive, there had

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ians, since it is well settled by the law of the State that an Act

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does bactrim treat gonorrhea and chlamydia

College, 1895 ; Assistant Surgeon, Presbyterian Eye, Ear and

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to Prof. N. R. Smith; Professor of Gynaecology, Baltimore Uni-

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County, Md. See lists of 1807, 1848 and 1853. (A Jacob C.

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a Founder (with Prof. S. Chew) of an Eye and Ear Institute,

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According to the minutes, thirty-four new members were ad-

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*PiPER, WATSON J. Born in Allegany County, Md., August 17, 1842;

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spent several summers in Europe attending the clinics at London

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drug interaction warfarin and bactrim

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President of the American Climatological Association, 1885-86,

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more, March 25, set. 36; Joseph Roby, at Baltimore, June 3,

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