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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, he held high

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Sally H. Waters, of Somerset County, Md., but left no issue. Of

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occurrence, but there must be causes at work somewhere below 1852

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The exercises opened at 8 p. m. with brief remarks by the Presi-

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vania, 1785 () (there is a Hopkins in the Catalogue of that year).

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(September 7). Board of Health establishes a temporary

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President, Alumni Association, University of Maryland, 1877. Died

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tion of the Faculty of the University of Maryland, he delivered a

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"Health and How to Promote It," I2mo, New York, first edition,

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Medical College, Baltimore, 1828; Censor, 1840; for forty years

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iner, Equitable Life Assurance Association; Attending Physician,

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purely scientific purposes was also strongly recommended, par-

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Va. Educated at the University of Virginia; Licentiate Rotunda

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of Maryland, 1818; Consulting Surgeon, Maryland Hospital;

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tario, Canada, August 22, 1864. Educated at the Normal School,

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etc., is recorded by the various Treasurers as follows :

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67 ; N. R. Smith, at Baltimore, July 3, set. 80 ; G. D. Beatty, at

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sumptives and Nursery and Child's Hospital, 1895-1902; Assistant

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1884 had a paper on "Cryptorchidism," with a case and a resume

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Volunteers in Cecil County ; Lieutenant-Colonel, March 3, 1813 ;

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of these, George Washington, died while a student. The

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Association, University of Maryland, 1886-87 ; Physician to Aged

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the annual meeting, held June I to 3. The result was most

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per pound. Medical Society of Baltimore founded, with Dr.

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relief of yellow fever sufferers at Philadelphia. Chestertown

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Cedar Run Tanning Company, Tioga County, Pa., 1885-89; re-

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for sale at $6500, with a ground rent of $138, or for rent at

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ology; Origin and Laws of Epidemics," 2 vols., Philadelphia, 1858.

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COCHRAN, WILLIAM A. 1833. M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1839.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club organized, Dr. Wil-

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ment. Towards the end asthma set in and he died suddenly,

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1854-56; President, Medical and

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Steuart. A.B., St. Mary's College, Baltimore ; M.D., University of

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Jefferson, 1890; practiced for three years at Fairton, Cumberland

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105). Report of yellow fever published for the benefit of the

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Brooke, Philosophical Transactions). Dysentery and small-

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out the country with great success, and great increase of the

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Boys. I have already remitted him Handsomely for this Pur-

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*SMITH, GIDEON B. 1843. Born in Maryland, 1793. M.D., University

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through the instrumentality of the new Board of Trustees, in

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became more and more popular, until it is at present the daily

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library had increased, according to estimate, by $800 during

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insane; the title thenceforth changed to "Maryland Hospital

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the Mitral Valve, in which a Systolic Murmur was heard before

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appears in the papers. The Executive Committee held an

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September 20, 1839. Educated at Dickinson College; M.D., Uni-

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geon, captured at Trenton, settles at Baltimore. Drs. Ran-

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*CRANE, R. J. Born in 1793. Censor, 1819 (American Medical

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LORD, JERE WILLIAMS. 1893. Born at Portland, Me., February 5.

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of Worthington Johnson. A.B., Princeton, 1851 ; M.D., Univer-

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other physicians of color have since been added to the member-

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land, 1825 ; began practice in Carroll County ; Member of State

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Baltimore, 1819-20; Professor of Materia Medica, University

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typhosus in the gall bladder seven years after typhoid fever in

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96 years, Boston 100 years, and New York 116 years].

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Hospital by Prof. N. Potter, with permission of Drs. Smyth

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Attending Physician, Northwestern Dispensary, 1871-81; retired

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cal appointment in South Carolina in War of 1861-65, and treated

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