Donepezil Hydrochloride Therapeutic Category

of thanks was tendered the gentlemen who had read papers,
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disease, recovering only after a tedious illness. He has a gold
College and Johns Hopkins University; A.B., Johns Hopkins,
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Chester Church. Dr. James Sparrold, of Baltimore, taxed as
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*DAVIS, ELIJAH. Founder. 1799. Born in Chester County, Pa., July 22,
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M.D., University of Maryland, 1828; began practice in Louisiana;
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*MAGUIRE, ROBERT. 1816. A.M., St. John's, 1804 (Q.). Died in
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care and treatment of the insane, in papers on these subjects
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istry. Union Bank built on North Charles Street. Relief
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residence at Trappe, about 1824, well advanced in years.
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Dr. Charles G. Hill, was upon "Some Observations of the Ef-
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drug business at Baltimore ; the Board of Examiners of the
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B. Mackenzie, John Carrere and A. L. Warner. City appro-
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numerous Masonic writings, including a work upon Masonry,
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M.D., University of Maryland, 1891 ; Assistant in Ophthalmology and
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mentioned, and today the entire profession of the Province is
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County, 1885-89. Died at Thomas Run, Harford County, July 13,
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Maryland, 1865; studied in hospitals in Europe, 1867-68; returned
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Maryland and the District of Columbia, 1807; Consulting Physi-
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more, 1828 ("New Hampshire"). Of Boston. In list of 1848
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LEITCH, JOHN W. 1899. Born in Calvert County, Md., August 2,
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and discuss the subjects appropriate to its department.
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as a "crank" by his medical associates, for every great reformer
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Sally H. Waters, of Somerset County, Md., but left no issue. Of
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1853 ; began practice at Leonardtown, Md. ; removed to Baltimore,
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On Wednesday morning, at 10 o'clock, the members and
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student, Almshouse; Resident Physician, Baltimore Infirmary,
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invading micro-organisms. It is doubtless often a fortunate
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Baltimore free from yellow fever. A Philadelphian expresses
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the House of Delegates (eight terms), 1834-48; moved to Baltimore
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cians rally to Davidge's support and determine to apply to the
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Act originated in the convention as above stated, and its pas-
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*BUCKNER, CHARLES S. 1846. Born at Richmond, Va., 1821. M.D.,
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32 ; G. S. Pattison, at New York, November 12, act. 60.
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County, Va., June 25, 1843 ; son of Dr. L. C. Cordell. Educated at
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sity of Maryland at a cost of $10,000. Washington County
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Samuel Young, Jacob Schnebley and others, does the same.
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of Maryland, 1866. 414 North Greene Street, Baltimore.
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Princeton, 1847; M.D., University of Maryland, 1853; Professor
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Educated at Loyola College; student, Maryland College of Phar-
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iology, London ; Journal of Experimental Medicine, New York ;
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University of Maryland, 1862; Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A.,
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*TRAPNALL, PHILIP. Founder. 1799. Born in Baltimore County, Md.,
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logical Anatomy, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore,
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20, 1858. Educated at Faires' School, Philadelphia, and the Uni-
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and that diphtheria will become in all respects one of the best
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Md., 1755. Surgeon, Revolutionary Army, and wounded. Died
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of the City Court, 1804-05; Elector for Jefferson, 1805; for
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sideration of the subject was exhibited by the members, some
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*AYRES/ ELY. 1821. Of Cape Mensurado, Africa. In list of 1848
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Talbot County, Md., December 4, 1772; son of John Goldsborough.
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BECKER, FREDERICK. 1847. Native of Germany. M.D. See list of
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*DANIEL, JOHN MONCURE. Born about 1800; son of J. M. Daniel and
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ERICH, LOUISE. 1897. Born at Baltimore, August 12, 1863 ; daughter
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JOHNSTON, CHRISTOPHER, JR. 1881. Born at Baltimore, December 8,
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Boulden, at Baltimore, July 18, set. 55 ; L. C. Gordon, at Balti-
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ization .in J/pp in their own hall, and under circumstances so
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draft of a proposed bill to be submitted to the Legislature.
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ington Academy, Snow Hill, Md. ; M.D., University of Maryland,
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of Maryland, 1855 ; practices at Smithsburg, Md. See lists of 1873
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He was deeply attached to his friends, and had the happy fac-
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ease and injury, their deficiencies become lamentably evident
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second of the name), which continued with great success about
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1838; author of "Benny Havens, O," a popular West Point song.


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