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SMITH, HENRY LEE. 1897. Born at Ashland, Va., March 23, 1868.
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*BORDLEY, WILLIAM WESLEY. 1844. M.D., University of Maryland,
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*MITCHELL, ABRAHAM. Founder. 1799. Born in Lancaster County,
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Five names were added to the membership at this meeting,
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emy of Medicine of New York. Remarks were also made by
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Health reports city free from malignant disease and admits
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corclia Opera House, South Eutaw Street, Baltimore ("May
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medicine, in the same manner as physicians are now permitted
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four months. Special Dispensary established at 281 North
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University of Maryland, 1869-81 ; Emeritus Professor, 1881-91 ;
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that city to stop at Mery's Tavern and undergo inspection by
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per pound. Medical Society of Baltimore founded, with Dr.
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of Florida, 1860-61 ; Surgeon, C. S. A., 1861-65 ; began practice
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1865; M.D., Geneva Medical College, 1867; General Agent, Phoenix
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sity of Maryland, 1875; M.D., Bellevue Medical College, 1879;
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thousands availed themselves of this offer and although in a
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York City, August 24, set. 77; J. H. Briscoe, at Baltimore,
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ing officers : a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary,
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McCuRDY, IRA JAY. 1896. Born at York, Pa., 1869. A.B., New
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