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ternity Hospital; Resident Physician, Philadelphia Hospital for
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University of Maryland, 1815. Died in Kent County, Md.
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*ANDERSON, JAMES MOAT, JR. Born at Chestertown, Kent County,
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schools four years; M.D., University of Maryland, 1874; School
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practiced in North Carolina, 1871-72 ; settled at Baltimore, 1875 ;
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BYRENHEIDT, A. 1822. Of New Orleans. See list of 1848.
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during the Civil War, 1861-65; Editor of the Baltimore Under-
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ROWLAND, JAMES M. H. 1894. Born at Liberty Grove, Md., Feb-
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sicians in the State, it has always stood as their representative,
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County, Md., April 3, 1763 ; son of William Worrell, of "Fairy
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cians to register with the Circuit Courts of the various counties
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it conveys information of an historical event of some interest :
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standing collar and ample pockets, olive-colored velvet breeches,
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1844 (used ergot in obstetrical practice in 1831 Q.)'. Died in
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to appoint a committee to report the causes and manner of
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*WEGNER, AUGUST WILHELM. 1829. Not an M.D. Of Baltimore. See
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about 1790, when he went to reside in Demerara, or Guiana.
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and I believe the whole world owe him more obligations y n
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iner, Royal Arcanum, etc. 809 North Charles Street, Baltimore.
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and Trans. American Medical Association, 1861). Died at Smyrna,
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Catonsville, Newark Academy, Del., and Princeton; A.B., Prince-
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M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1796; began practice at Balti-
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women in the land resort to it, and many who would be
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soul than John R. Quinan, or one more entirely devoted to the
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Anatomy, Jefferson Medical College, 1832-41; Founder of the
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troops of Western Shore. Council of Safety forbid the slaugh-
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ence with an unbroken career since its foundation. It is said
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of natural science founded at Baltimore, Horace H. Hayden,
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versity; M.D. (Honorary), University of Georgia; F.R.S. ;
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mere mention. The object of the meeting was the considera-
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stages of the disease, which is the time when there is most
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JARRETT, HARRY S. 1893. Born at Jarrettsville, Harford County, Md.,
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1865. Ph.B., Dickinson College, 1884; A.M., Dickinson College,
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might be introduced on a respectable Footing there, by getting
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ence between an ordinary ticket and $24; students attending
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Frederick; attended one course of lectures at the University of
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urges tfie people of Baltimore County and Town to secure a
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KING, JOHN THEODORE. 1882. Born at Baltimore, December 14, 1844.
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lege; Ex-Professor of Physiology, Georgetown College.
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College, Baltimore, 1806-97 ; Associate Professor of Clinical Medi-
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careless midwife, although physicians are not blameless. A
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*BAYLY, ALEXANDER H. 1834. Born in Dorchester County, Md.,
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Draft a Law to Regulate the Practice of Medicine in Mary-
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Pennsylvania and in Virginia ; settled finally at St. Louis, Mo.,
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School Commissioner, Baltimore, 1889-97; Health Commissioner of
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N. R. Smith; M.D., University of Maryland, 1853; practiced in
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Yale, 1869; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1849; practiced at
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1886; Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, University of Mary-
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established at Baltimore. The State seizes the University of
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sity and Mount St. Mary's College; M.D., Vermont Medical Col-
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lege of Pharmacy, 1858 ; M.D., University of Maryland, 1861. Died
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TODD, WILLIAM JAMES. 1890. Born at Pittsburg, Pa., July 24, 1857.
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W. B. McClellan, at Baltimore, May, aet. 48 ; J. D. Readel, at
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lic Health within the Treasury Department of the United States,
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27; lectured on Anatomy and Surgery, 1828-31; Clinical Lecturer,
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teacher in Maryland for three years ; in the office, hospital, and
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division of capsule in hip joint disease and the ovarian cyst eleva-
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plus funds. This committee found it necessary later to appeal
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every few minutes to ask if he thought a certain cloud would
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and Gynaecological Association ; Visiting Physician, City Almshouse ;
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Tracheali") ; married in 1795 to Sarah Nicholson; Physician to
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