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Hospital for the Insane, Utica, N. Y., 1878-84; Assistant Physician,

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pared to assert here that if there was anything in this Act

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1887-90; graduated in Pharmacy, 1893, and Licentiate in Phar-

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30, 1830. Educated at Oneida Conference Seminary; M.D., Jef-

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versity of Maryland receives $30,000 conditional upon the

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Physician to Union Protestant Infirmary, 1882; resides abroad.

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Driver White. M.B. (his granddaughter states that he graduated at

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1738. Dr. Adam Thomson, of Maryland, begins to inoculate

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Md., March 30, 1856. Educated in York County (Pa.) Academy

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of Gynaecology, University of Pennsylvania ; Orator, 1881 ; author

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resigns Chair of Surgery at University of Maryland and is

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Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Charity Hospital, 1882+ ; resides

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WHITE, JOSEPH AUGUSTUS. 1877. Born at Baltimore, April 19, 1848.

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and Chirurgical Faculty, 1896-97; Orator, Medical and Chirurgical

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upon which he was an expert authority. His address, there-

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Professor and Honorary President of the Faculty, University of

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his subject being "Cancer as a Parasitic Disease." In his pre-

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reported that owing to the want of money they had been unable

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as a storage and committee room; for the larger no other

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ther recommended that "a Board of ten Trustees be appointed

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Thomas urged the importance of the teaching of sanitary

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Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology and Otology in the Johns

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1851-52. Died in 1865.

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experience of his father-in-law, Dr. Pierre Chatard, embracing

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to Prof. N. R. Smith; Professor of Gynaecology, Baltimore Uni-

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BIRNIE, CLOTWORTHY. 1890. Born at Glen Burn, Carroll County,

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County, 1885-89. Died at Thomas Run, Harford County, July 13,

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horse at the rate of ten miles an hour "to the astonishment of

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The one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of

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1836 (six editions) ; "Elements of Hygiene," 8vo, Philadelphia,

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THEOBALD, SAMUEL. 1874. Born at Baltimore, November 12, 1846;

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1832 (burned); second edition, 1833; Editor of Baltimore Times,

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University; Chief of the Genito-urinary Clinic, University of

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Baltimore University, 1895-96; Dean, Baltimore University, 1891-

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KOECHLING FRANCIS ANT. 1836. M.D. Of Baltimore. See Treasurer's

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Ashby spoke of "The Interests and Aims of the Medical and

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tion on the eleventh of June. It embraced in its membership

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Wade, chirurgeon, arrives in Maryland. Inquest on man

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new members had been admitted, chiefly in consequence of the

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*LETHERBURY, PEREGRINE. 1801 (). Of Salisbury, Somerset County,

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the first time in Great Britain or America (May). Annual

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Surgeon, U. S. N. Died June 4, 1869. See list of 1848, and Trans.

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*TYLER, WILLIAM BRADLEY. Born at "Brough," Prince George County,

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