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town, Del.; Principal of Lewistown Academy; pupil of Dr. Wil-
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WRIGHT, REGINALD N. 1850. Born in Maryland (). M.D., Jefferson
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Baltimore, 1867 ; Professor of Anatomy, 1867-74 ; Professor of
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tee of Safety for his services to the troops there. Smallpox
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successful cases of lithotomy, 46 of which were done witfi his
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pital established at the Maternite by Dr. A. F. Erich ; affiliated
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addition to city. Shot Tower erected, corner Front and Pitt
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generous hospitality and surrounded by attached friends, he
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University of Michigan, 1883 ; Graduate Student, Johns Hop-
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St. Mary's County, Md. See lists of 1829, 1848 and 1853.
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*MADDUX, THOMAS CLAY. 1874. Born in Fauquier County, Va., Feb-
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Michael, Rohe, Richard Thomas and R. Winslow, read the
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25, 1869 ; son of last-named. Educated at Carey's School ; M.D.,
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*JOHNSON, CHARLES WORTHINGTON. 1828. Born at Frederick, Md.,
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and Hospital founded at Baltimore (October 22). During the
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kind of work. The greatest credit for the organization of
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*SAPPINGTON, JOHN. 1825. Born in Harford County, Md., 1801 ;
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with the Court in some way; was present at the trial of Dr. Hall,
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of Diseases of Women and Children, Baltimore Medical College;
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EARLE, EDWARD. Of Wye Mills, Talbot County, Md. See list of 1848.
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the Pennsylvania and Maryland Medical Society. Dr. Morris
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in revising and molding it into proper legal form. As revised,
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place is recognized by all, and he is unanimously elected to the
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vous and Mental Diseases, Baltimore Medical College, 1882; later,
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is my position in relation to them enviable in the highest degree.
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excellent "the production of his rich imagination, couched
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everything was undergoing a revival and rejuvenation, as a
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ton University, Baltimore, 1876; Vaccine Physician, 1878-82; Pro-
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*OWINGS, THOMAS. 1826. Born at Baltimore, December n, 1802. M.D.,
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25, 1802; State Vaccine Agent, 1809-13; United States Vaccine
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complete it. In 1808 he urged the establisjirnent of an in-
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enalapril vasotec treats hypertension by
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Nuttall. "Case of rapid development of gas in blood-vessels
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United States Army, 1861-62 ; Surgeon, 1862-65 ', Division Surgeon,
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Pa., 1799, and died of yellow fever, July, 1800 (see Baltimore
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Army, 1864; Assistant Surgeon, United States Army, 1865-69; set-
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ophthalmology with general medicine and surgery, were all
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husband and wife, and to fill our homes with prattling chil-
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TRIMBLE, ISAAC RIDGWAY. 1891. Born at "Wye House," Talbot
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occurrence, but there must be causes at work somewhere below 1852
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membership had been highly satisfactory. The receipts of the
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Hampson Jones and W. F. Smith for the use of their classes,
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President, Alumni Association, University of Maryland, 1877. Died
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wards increased to $100,000. Baltimore General Dispensary
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States for services in the Revolution ; moved to Lexington, Ky.,
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LANIER, BERWICK BRUCE. 1896. Born at Baltimore, March 9, 1869.
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$100 hitherto paid the Mercantile Library would now remain
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sumptives and Nursery and Child's Hospital, 1895-1902; Assistant
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Died at Newmarket, Md., September 24, 1887. See list of 1848.
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Volunteers in Cecil County ; Lieutenant-Colonel, March 3, 1813 ;
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per pound. Medical Society of Baltimore founded, with Dr.
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stale. This view was adopted, and in place of Sections a Com-
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sity of Pennsylvania, 1844. The name occurs in the Librarian's
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