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*WHITEFORD, HUGH. 1802. (Federal Gazette, June 25.) M.D., Univer-
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*CLAGETT, JAMES HAWKINS. 1826. Born in Montgomery County, Md.,
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Assistant Coroner, Baltimore; Demonstrator and Lecturer on
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Anatomy and Lecturer on Surgery, University of Maryland (Re-
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Newmarket, Md. ; M.D., University of Maryland, 1871 ; settled at
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account of posterior suspensory splint for treatment of frac-
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Ministry, 1865, and those of Presbyter, 1870; pupil of Dr. H. L.
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College and Pennsylvania College, taking M.D. from the latter,
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Union Protestant Infirmary. Died at Baltimore, March 10, 1899.
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9250, of which 1025 were duplicates. The number of journals
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*MATHIEU, FERDINAND CHARLES. Born at Salingen, Prussia, 1849.
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and Jail ; later, at Cumberland ; farmed in Montgomery County,
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Md. Died about 1835. See lists of 1807 and 1848; marked dead
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tin. Masonic Hall, St. Paul Street, Baltimore, b^gun by aid
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mittees were appointed on these duties, and also a Centennial
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*MAY, JOHN FREDERICK. 1837. Born at Washington, D. C, 1812.
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liamsport, Md. Died at Williamsport, January 26, 1872. See lists
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Arundel County, Md., January 23, 1843. Graduated in Law from
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J. Edwin Michael, 1895; Charles G. Hill, 1895-1896; William
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college (name not in the Catalogue of the University of Pennsyl-
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15, 1863. A.B., Washington College, Chestertown, Md., 1882; A.M.,
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ington; exchanged, 1778; Private Secretary and Aide-de-camp to
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propriate than to review the memories of men who were recog-
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of exceptional power and influence, of marked culture, the best
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researches through this Society, at the annual meeting- in 1881. 1892
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more Medical Society. Died at Baltimore, 1861. See lists of 1848
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hernia, and the exhibition of the new methods of illuminating
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son of L. P. Barber. Practiced in Charles County, and later at
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ter so readily disposed of, but regards the law of 1838 as "a
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*BEATTY, CHARLES A. Founder. 1799. Born in Pennsylvania, 1762.
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of Paris," Trans., Boston, 1831; a "Treatise on Fevers," 8vo, 1842
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cytosis, the white corpuscles varying from 9350 to 31,000.
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Educated at the public schools ; in U. S. A., 1861-65, becoming
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GILES, ALFRED BAKER. 1890. Born at Baltimore, August 18, 1858.
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the great Helmholtz, the immortal discoverer of the ophthal-
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Maryland; he edited "Analysis of Urine," by Hoffmann and
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Surgeon and Member of Naval Board. Died at Baltimore, January
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sity ; Police Surgeon and Vaccine Physician for seven years ; Phy-
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sity of Maryland, 1850; practiced at Easton, Md., 1850-58; at Balti-
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Committee on Legislation was directed to bring the matter be-
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studied abroad ; Assistant Surgeon, Marine Hospital Service, 1898-
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1873, 1874 and 1875. In Folk's Directory as of Baltimore, 1886-93.
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All has been paid oft" by physicians, directors and friends.
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In accordance with the President's recommendations, com-
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HURD, HENRY MILLS. 1800. Born at Union City, Mich., May 3, 1843.
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Streets, 18 x 40 feet, with accommodations for five bodies.
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Harvard, 1871 ; began practice at Baltimore, 1872 ; the first colored
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Colonel Armand's Maryland Legion, 1777; wounded at White
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ship fee and annual dues, which had been effected at the pre-
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cieties, and from the Pennsylvania State Medical Association.
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BARROW, BERNARD. 1899. Born in Brunswick County, Va., December
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tract of land west of the site occupied later by Baltimore Town,
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dence, University of Maryland, 1847-58. He was an eminent min-
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had been no additions to the library. The amount in the hands
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County, Md. M.D., University of Maryland, 1874; Mayor of
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of Medicine, Washington College, Baltimore, 1831-52. Died at
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1721. Educated at Oxford, England; the exact year of his coming
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S. N., July 16, 1803; resigned, July 9, 1807. Of Liberty, Frederick
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mittee was further of the opinion that if the constitutionality


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