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lea College and Glenwood Institute. M.D., College of Physicians
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papers by Dr. Henry M. Wilson, Secretary. In 1863 there is
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propriation, $130; do., Jan. 7, 1838, $370; do., ist insurance,
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to do with the indifference with which Dr. Quinan's views
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Baltimore, 1892; Lecturer on Histology and Hygiene, Baltimore
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more University, and Professor of Microscopy there for several
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"Previous to my attempt, I believe I may assert, there is not one who
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Pharmacy, 1890; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Bal-
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Philippines ; in 1901, was appointed Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A. ;
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by the solicitations of a brother-in-law who had already crossed
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Pupil of Dr. J. R. W. Dunbar; M.D., University of Maryland,
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engaged in drug business, Hyndman, Pa., for nine years ; studied
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Allegany County; Founder, 1871, and Worshipful Master, Allegany
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four of whom were physicians ; moved to Baltimore, 1804. A man
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sor of Physiological Anatomy, Medical College of South Carolina,
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to receive the requisite average. When this result was made
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Boyd on same Committee for Baltimore County and Town.
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Physician to Almshouse, 1849-50; Professor of Anatomy, Medical
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City College, 1879-82; graduate of Baltimore City College; M.D.,
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M.D., Washington University, Baltimore, 1870; Resident Phy-
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A pure milk conference had been held under the auspices of the
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*WALTZ, PETER. Founder. 1799. Of Washington County, Md. See
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Home for Incurables. 1501 East Eager Street, Baltimore.
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1768. M.B. ; practiced at Princess Anne, Somerset County, Md. ;
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on "Uniform Medical Legislation in the United States," was
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Asylum for the Insane, Cumberland, Md. ; on the Pension Board
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owing to the constant and regular sessions of the several city
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of Baltimore, 1851-53 and 1855-61; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A.,
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the "Medical Writings of the Physicians of Baltimore" A vote
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Maryland allows its Surgeons and Surgeon's Mates ten shil-
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turer on Chemistry and Metallurgy, Baltimore College of Dental
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land and University of Maryland, 1809-33 ; Dean, University of
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Baltimore, 1873, and to Elkridge, 1875. Died at Elkridge, March 13,
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1858-60 ; author of "Renal Affections : their Diagnosis and Pathol-
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the subject. He continued this line oi investigation. He
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land. Died at Maryland Tract, Frederick County, Md., August 22,
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(i) to petition the next Legislature to alter the quorum; (2)
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cians. Dr. John Bond, of Calvert County, a pupil of his uncle,
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parts of the State, chiefly health officers, came. So encouraging
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originated any secret preparation with a view to its being sold
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sician, City Hospital, 1870-71 ; settled at Arlington, where he still
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Director, 1871; President of the Medical Examining Board,
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at "Essex Lodge," Sassafras Neck, Cecil County, Md., 1806.
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C, U. S. A.; born in Alabama; appointed from Alabama, First
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convey the organisms, but if dried they may be inhaled. They
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quarters are not capable of meeting our requirements, and that
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ing illumination ; effigy of "late" king paraded and burned
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rable, showing the internal organization, gravid uterus, etc.
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gave great satisfaction. The receipts for the year had been
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College of Dental Surgery; Professor of Histology and Patho-
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1841-42, serving in Florida War; Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon,
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Diseases of Stomach and Intestines and Laboratory Instructor
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polish of manners which travel and extensive intercourse with the
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Coroner, 1884-96; Surgeon to Fire Department of Baltimore,
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(March 13). Washington College, of Washington, Pa.,
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taught school in Anne Arundel County for four years ; prac-
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DCERNER, JOHN ANDERSON. 1895. Born at Cumberland, Md., Septem-
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cians cannot collect their fees; licensed physicians cannot
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pointed for Baltimore on the recommendation of the Faculty.


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