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(Honorary), Loyola College, Baltimore; Acting Assistant Sur-

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The committee to secure a law legalizing anatomical study

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*RIDGELY, JOHN 1800. A.B., St. John's, 1796 (Q.); Visitor, St. John's,

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science, and the legislation to which they had led in Great

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*HOWARD, HENRY. 1812. Born in Frederick County, Md., May 28,

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parts of the State, chiefly health officers, came. So encouraging

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siana, 1858-67; Acting Surgeon-General of Louisiana, 1861-62; Sur-

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JAMAR, JOHN HENRY. 1880. Born at Elkton, July 22, 1840. Grad-

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KROH, WILLIAM. 1897. Born December 23, 1860. Ph.G., Maryland

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received from them, expressing his humiliation in being con-

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at Liberty, Md., 1850; Physician to Maryland Penitentiary for

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Director, 1871; President of the Medical Examining Board,

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"Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by this

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spent three years on Pacific Coast; has practiced at Savannah since

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fession, and that its duties should be extended to embrace pre-

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delphia, and this was followed by receptions by members and

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C, U. S. A.; born in Alabama; appointed from Alabama, First

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which concluded with these words : "Brethren, while I am

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pensary for Working Women and Girls. 1320 North Charles Street,

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convey the organisms, but if dried they may be inhaled. They

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Allen Starr, of New York, in his annual address, first con-

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clusion which he draws. What would such a man thus over-

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rable, showing the internal organization, gravid uterus, etc.

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*McPHERSON, JOHN. 1801. Of Bryantown, Charles County, Md.

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sided in Mississippi. See lists of 1807 and 1848; marked dead in

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College of Dental Surgery; Professor of Histology and Patho-

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cited, and the result was that the poor woman was left to her

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*PURNELL, GEORGE WASHINGTON. Founder. 1799. Born at "New

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twenty years ago there were in Philadelphia about thirty whole-

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1841-42, serving in Florida War; Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon,

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polish of manners which travel and extensive intercourse with the

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tistics Act and the Infectious Disease Act, both of which had

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sician, Hospital for Consumptives ; Medical Examiner, Manhattan


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