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20, 1858. Educated at Faires' School, Philadelphia, and the Uni-
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and that diphtheria will become in all respects one of the best
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Md., 1755. Surgeon, Revolutionary Army, and wounded. Died
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of the City Court, 1804-05; Elector for Jefferson, 1805; for
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sideration of the subject was exhibited by the members, some
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*AYRES/ ELY. 1821. Of Cape Mensurado, Africa. In list of 1848
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Talbot County, Md., December 4, 1772; son of John Goldsborough.
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BECKER, FREDERICK. 1847. Native of Germany. M.D. See list of
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*DANIEL, JOHN MONCURE. Born about 1800; son of J. M. Daniel and
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ERICH, LOUISE. 1897. Born at Baltimore, August 12, 1863 ; daughter
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JOHNSTON, CHRISTOPHER, JR. 1881. Born at Baltimore, December 8,
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Boulden, at Baltimore, July 18, set. 55 ; L. C. Gordon, at Balti-
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ization .in J/pp in their own hall, and under circumstances so
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draft of a proposed bill to be submitted to the Legislature.
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ington Academy, Snow Hill, Md. ; M.D., University of Maryland,
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of Maryland, 1855 ; practices at Smithsburg, Md. See lists of 1873
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He was deeply attached to his friends, and had the happy fac-
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ease and injury, their deficiencies become lamentably evident
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second of the name), which continued with great success about
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1838; author of "Benny Havens, O," a popular West Point song.
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*PATTISON, GRANVILLE SHARP. Born near Glasgow, Scotland, 1791.
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set. 78; W. W. Hitt, at Vincennes, Ind., August 18, set. 75.
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THOMAS, HENRY BKISCOE. 1891. Born at Deep Falls, St. Mary's
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later (1830) with Dr. R. S. Stuart; President, Medical Society of
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sity of New York, 1858; House Surgeon, Brooklyn City Hospital;
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geon, Metropolitan Throat Hospital, New York; resides at Sturte-
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Maurice Morrison, at Havana, September 14, set. 35 ; Edward
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committee recommends the disposal by sale of the library "as at
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FORSYTHE, HUGH. 1892. Born near Belfast, Ireland, January 12,
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taught school in Anne Arundel County for four years ; prac-
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Thompsonians or Botanic physicians to charge and receive
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ally turns over to city gift of $1,083,333,33 f r Enoch Pratt
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*HANDY, JESSE T. 1833. Born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
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J. T. Ducatel, at Baltimore, April 23, set. 52 ; P. Macaulay, at
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Ph.D., Loyola College, 1886; M.D., Baltimore University, 1890;
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of article in "Pepper's System of Medicine." 609 Cathedral Street,
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was also presented by other members, among the more strik-
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at the Normal School, 1867-68; pupil of Dr. C. M. Morfit, of Balti-
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June 14, aet. 49 ; J. H. Thomas, at White Sulphur Springs, Va.,
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of Pharmacy, 1868 ; M.D., University of Maryland, 1871 ; Assistant
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*BUCKLER, JOHN. 1817. Born near Baltimore, August 31, 1795. Pupil
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PURNELL, JAMES BOWDOIN ROBINS. 1858. Born near Snow Hill, Wor-
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stages of the disease, which is the time when there is most
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Medical Institute, 1847 ; Chemist to State Agricultural Society ; Pro-
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1857. Educated at Riddleberger's School, Edinburg, Va. ; Ph.G.
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taken from the table and accepted." It was realized from this
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ical Histology, University of Maryland, 1893-94; retired, 1894. 915
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Maryland General Hospital. 1938 Linden Avenue, Baltimore.
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issued a few days after the accusation ("Davis' Day Star," pp.
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ing to $339. All efforts to sell it, even with the help of five
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American profession Rush, Hosack, Mitchell, Miller, etc.
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Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1895-96; Pathologist to Hospital for Crip-
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Lyon and others lease a lot, at northwest corner of Gay and
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for service in French Army during Franco-Prussian War; Vac-
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BORDLEY, JAMES, JR. 1899. Born at Centerville, Md., February 20,
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five generations of doctors in this family ; viz : Mareen ; his son Ben-
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be reflected, which was then done. A supper was given by
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Mary's County, Aid. ; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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1635. First General Assembly meets at St. Mary's (Febru-
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amounting to $207. It was decided in favor of the Society
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August 27, 1869 ; son of George Washington Evans. Educated at
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1866. Instruction in specialties introduced at the Univer-
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Of Frederick County, Va. See Archives and lists of 1848 and 1853.
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$300; do., July 2, 1832, salary, $100; do., July 30, 1832, ap-
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SMITH, WILBER GRAY. 1880. Born at Warm Springs, Va., May 31,
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Professor of Operative Surgery, University of Maryland, 1874-80;
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of Dr. W. C. Van Bibber; M.D., University of Maryland, 1857;
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initiation fee the first year, and as the Library Board had no
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entire parotid. The Pattison-Cadwallader duel is fought in
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R. I. ; certificate of Rush of two and one-half years' study with
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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1900-01. Of Snow Hill, Md.
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time when Lister "was actually laughed at by many of the
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1811 () ; moved to Missouri, 1812; Delegate to Territorial Legis-
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they were in such a condition as to create anxiety for the future.
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gan, M.D.; attended the College of Medicine of Philadelphia
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Orthopaedic Surgeon there, 1878-90; Visiting Physician, St. Agnes
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been a classmate of Dr. Ashton Alexander, who graduated 1795) ;
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enough to procure a certificate of merit, but not graduating. "He
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library. Through the generosity of members, however, 307
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elected President and holds office until his death in 1870.
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