How To Apply Nizoral Shampoo For Acne

*WINDER, THOMAS JONES. 1801 (). Surgeon U. S. N., September
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Faculty (April 23). Johns Hopkins Hospital opened for re-
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Married three or four times, but all his children are now dead.
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resolutions were offered and adopted authorizing its purchase
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if deemed advisable and was directed to report what further
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tion at the Hospital for Relief of Crippled and Deformed Chil-
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Md., December 14, 1786; son of William Purnell. M.D., Univer-
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At Winchester, Va. (Folk's Directory, 1886-98). Died at Balti-
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disinfecting station, and the encouragement thus afforded to
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PENNINGTON, JOHN I. 1876. Born in Kent County, Md., December
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6). Annual Convention of Medical and Chirurgical Faculty
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Md., July, 1874. Educated at Virginia Military Institute and St.
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Educated at Knapp's Institute ; Ph.G., Maryland College of Phar-
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PIEK, CAROLUS H. D. 1851. M.D. Of Baltimore. See lists of 1853,
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ered in the light of modern investigations the various explana-
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SNODGRASS, JOSEPH E. 1840. M.D., University of Maryland ("Va."),
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sion into organized and legalized form, and established a
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made a compulsory branch of medical instruction. Dr. R.
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shocked at the idea after quickening, hold it to be justifiable
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95; Demonstrator of Operative Surgery, Baltimore Medical Col-
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and Dermatology, Baltimore University, 1888+. Died at Aiken,
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(Translated from Larrey), 2 vols., 8vo, Baltimore, 1814. Died
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versity of Maryland, 1871 ; Resident Physician, University Hos-
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very small and narrow professional clique, which exercised a
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EARLE, SAMUEL T., JR. 1885. Born near Centerville, Md., December
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has been practicing in Cambridge ever since; on the Staff of the
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1869. Educated at City College, Baltimore, and Johns Hopkins
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brother, he inherited the paternal estate near Chestertown, and re-
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Commissioner, Baltimore, 1894-98. 1206 East Preston Street, Bal-
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"Of pleasing address, very remarkable colloquial powers and high
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participating in an occasion at which an intellectual feast was
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ton; M.D., University of Maryland, 1824; settled in Prince
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County ; largely interested in agricultural pursuits ; Registrar of
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efficiency in the battle (September 12). Bombardment of
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ROWLAND, JAMES M. H. 1894. Born at Liberty Grove, Md., Feb-
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in founding the public school system ; President of the Medical
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Peruvian Bark eighteen shillings per pound ; red bark $4 per
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Md., 1827; author of "Enlisting and Discharging Soldiers, the
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*GIBSON, WILLIAM. 1811. Born at Baltimore (a twin), March 14,
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*SANDS, WILLIAM. 1823. Born in 1803. M.D., University of Mary-
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Surgeon, U. S. N. ; began practice in Washington County, Md. ;
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"i. A chronology of events connected with the progress of
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affixed thereto by the Secretary. Your committee finds nothing
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tin. Masonic Hall, St. Paul Street, Baltimore, b^gun by aid
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Orator, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1818; Lectured before the
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it can be none too high for other schools to strive for. The suc-
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Listerism : ^The system is still in its infancy in this country
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College, Baltimore, 1890-93 ; Professor of Physiology, and Clinical
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Surgeon, December 12, 1808; Apothecary General, June n, 1813;
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and Dr. Ashton Alexander, of Baltimore, as Secretary (June
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meets at Baltimore; Prof. N. R. Smith, orator (June i).
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entertained the members from the counties with a banquet in
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clean a wound much better than any agents we had at our com-
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acute diffuse peritonitis can be caused by the gonococcus; the
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master of Baltimore, 1857-61 ; Member of the City Council, 1867 ;


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