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dress by Professor Osier, on "The License to Practice." The

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1724. James Walker, of Maryland, receives medical diploma

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Smith resumes the Chair of Surgery at the University. In-

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seemed to be no reasonable desire or want that was not or

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*CLARK, WILLIAM Y. Of Charnbersburg, Pa. In list of 1848 marked

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Women and Children, 1849; President, Medical and Chirurgical

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County, Md., about 1799; Surgeon, Fourteenth Regiment of In-

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because the charter giving life to the University is a PART AND 1854

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ferson Medical College, 1864-65 ; M.D., University of Maryland,

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ment has already been referred to, and attracted much atten-

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Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, 1893 ; Chief of

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Wra. Baker, at Georgetown; James Gray, in Calvert County,

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Dunbar and P. C. Williams, 1856-57 ; M.D., University of Maryland,

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1724. James Walker, of Maryland, receives medical diploma

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mentioned, and today the entire profession of the Province is

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vania, 1812; Censor, 1826; practiced at St. Peter's, Somerset

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sylvania, 1849 ; acquired a large surgical practice ; he performed

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Society of Baltimore; President of the Harvard Club of Mary-

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Baltimore Medical Association; Vice-President, Medical and Chi-

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Protestant Infirmary, and Hebrew Hospital ; a Founder, and Sur-

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ing titles of which were: "Fracture and Dislocation of the

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Council of Baltimore, 1836-37 and 1840-47; School Commissioner,

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He was an ardent student. Died October 9, 1875. See list of 1848.

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rurgical Faculty at Baltimore, Dr. Robert Mioore, President,

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more Medical College ; Medical Director, First Brigade, M. N. G. :

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1826-39; Surgeon-Major, Thirty-ninth Regiment of Maryland Mili-

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tutions established in other States for the training of these

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the following November entered upon the first course of in-

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Association, 1873-74 ; endowed the Toner Lectures, 1872 ; Presi-

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Surgeon, Virginia Hospital ; President, Richmond Medical and

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U. S. A., May 20, 1836; appointed Major and Surgeon, March 31,

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Health, 1841 ; Editor of the Baltimore Christian Advocate and the

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PALMER, ROBERT VICKERY. 1899. Graduate of Charlotte Hall Mili-

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1890 ; Vice-President, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1897-98;

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20, 1869; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore,

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St. Thomas' Hospitals, London, 1820-21 ; Founder of Wash-

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gestions and matured plans to report. These resolutions have

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by Excision of Intra-cranial Portions of the Fifth Nerve." The

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sity of Maryland, 1833. Died at Baltimore, May 28, 1874.

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was Surgeon of Colonel's Hall's Maryland Battalion in 1776.)

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cial decisions bearing on the question," the views he had ex-

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of the State Board. A motion was passed urging the Mayor

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*FASSITT, THOMAS S. Founder. 1799. Born in Worcester County, Md.,

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Vaccine Physician, 1873 ; one of the founders of the Baltimore Medi-

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more, 1817. Of Baltimore. Died at Baltimore, 1818. In list of

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Professor of Gynaecology, 1901 ; Gynaecologist to the United

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appointed from Maryland Post Surgeon, February 17, 1817; re-

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affections were common, and there were sixteen cases with

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geon, U. S. A., 1885 ; Health Commissioner, Baltimore, 1890-91 ;

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1880 W. Mallet, M.D., of the University of Virginia, on "The Claims

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GILCHRIST, THOMAS CASPAR. 1892. Born in England, 1862. M.R.C.S.,

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upon the subject, which was further considered, but without

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Roberts. M.D., University of Maryland, 1825; after graduation

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changes of the previous sixty years He named the eras of

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to the library : July 5, 1830, paid Dr. Fonerden, appropriation,

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had "already in former time been in successful operation in

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Landing, Md., and practiced there until his death. Died at Elk-

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at Wilmington, Del. ; student of Dr. Nicholas Way, of Wilming-

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May 4, 1854. Graduated from Pennsylvania State Normal School,

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1890. Population of city, 434,151; of State, 1,040,431.

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March 13, 1867. Educated at Hanover Academy and the Univer-

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at Snow Hill, December, 1800. (A son, John Robins Purnell. be-

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without the special authority of the Faculty. Such were the

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births and deaths, begun by Dr. George Buchanan, a founder

levofloxacin 500 mg used for bronchitis

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versity of Maryland, 1850; practiced at Annapolis, 1850-52; since


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