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Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, Woman's Medical Col-

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1857. Educated at Riddleberger's School, Edinburg, Va. ; Ph.G.

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volumes had been added to it and a number had been presented.

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tions of thirty State Medical Associations were now received in

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of Virginia, 1824-33 ; Chairman of the Faculty, University of Vir-

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to rent out such portions as were not used by the Faculty, to

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University of Maryland, 1852 ; Vaccine Physician, 1853-54 ; Coroner,

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devoted himself to farming; Member of Legislature, 1874. Died at

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Baltimore was probably owing largely to the personal influence

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more and virus thus obtained successfully used; 4000 vacci-

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The pulse and temperature were not characteristic. The

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lege of Physicians and Surgeons; Associate Professor of Human

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American profession Rush, Hosack, Mitchell, Miller, etc.

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Deaths: S. Teackle Wallis, Provost of University of Mary-

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December 7, 1809. Pupil of Drs. Poits and Samuel Baker; M.D.,

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much blood." The case is referred to men of skill and abil-

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the Institutes of Medicine, University of Maryland, 1814, but

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researches of Bright, anaesthesia, bacteriology, antisepsis, the

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Agent, 1813-22; Editor of Vaccine Inquirer, 1822; Treasurer,

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lett and others certify the good health of the city (October 23).

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1635. First General Assembly meets at St. Mary's (Febru-

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gical Faculty, 1853-54; practiced at Frederick all his life and

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sician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1892-94 ; Assistant Resident Gynae-

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be physicians. To deal out drugs without confidence in their

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the original researches of M. Pasteur and those who have fol-

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intellectual history of the world. One need not be of a very

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August 27, 1869 ; son of George Washington Evans. Educated at

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parallelogram, 3}^ x 45^ square miles, including 10,000 acres,

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Of Frederick County, Va. See Archives and lists of 1848 and 1853.

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1882-93, 1900 ; Dean, Woman's Medical College, 1885-90, 1902 ;

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$300; do., July 2, 1832, salary, $100; do., July 30, 1832, ap-

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University of Maryland, 1833: Vaccine Physician, 1851-52; no

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Professor of Operative Surgery, University of Maryland, 1874-80;

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of Dr. W. C. Van Bibber; M.D., University of Maryland, 1857;

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land, 1825 ; began practice in Carroll County ; Member of State

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was Surgeon to the United States Marine Hospital. Died at Win-

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Censors of Medical and Chirurgical Faculty to prosecute un-

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settled at Mount Washington, Md. Died August 29, 1900.

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which are of brick, and two vessels, a brig and a sloop. Dr.

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settled at Baltimore, 1845 ; President, Medical and Surgical Society

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clusion the conflicting opinions on that intricate subject." See also

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1900-01. Of Snow Hill, Md.

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contributions to "Flint's Practice," "Pepper's System," "Allbutt's

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1811 () ; moved to Missouri, 1812; Delegate to Territorial Legis-

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that it was only by individual effort and enthusiasm that such

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*BAXLEY, J. BROWN, JR. 1890. Born at Baltimore, September 5, 1856.

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gan, M.D.; attended the College of Medicine of Philadelphia

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*SAPPINGTON, FRANCIS BROWN. Founder. 1799. Son of Francis Sap-

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set. 60; B. Dobell; Day, of Harford County; Aquila Durham,

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But few copies of the Transactions of 1855 had been sold in

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Aged Men's and Women's Homes ; President, Medical and Sur-

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been a classmate of Dr. Ashton Alexander, who graduated 1795) ;

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*DICKSON, BENJAMIN. 1821. Born in Maryland. Pupil of Jameson;

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has been practicing in Cambridge ever since; on the Staff of the

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dent, American Surgical Association; President, American Med-

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his letters written during this period from Belfast and London

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Tabbs, in St. Mary's County, October 13, aet. 61 ; Jos. Henry,


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can be stamped out among all civilized peoples. That, like lep-

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elected President and holds office until his death in 1870.

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Professor of Clinical Surgery of same, 1901 ; Surgeon, Fifth

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sible, a certain number of current medical journals are regu-

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system held undisputed sway for over one thousand years, the

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West Virginia), September 23, 1843. In the drug business, 1859-61;

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at Buenos Ayres, 1831 (obituary in Baltimore Gazette, August 18,


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