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* JENIFER, DANIEL, JR. Founder. 1799. Born in 1756; son of Dr. Daniel
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Vaccine Physician, in West Saratoga Street, Baltimore.
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Drs. Hayden and Harris, was dedicated at the University of Mary-
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through the medium of a lay journal. There is something
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*SPARROW, JOHN. 1808. Of Anne Arundel County, Md. In list of
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SAPPINGTON, THOMAS P. Born at Unionville, Md., February 7, 1847;
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Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Winchester Medical Col-
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Correction, 1887-88; Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A., 1898.
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insect as far as the means of information have been within my reach,
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M.D., University of Maryland, 1859; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A.,
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1882-93, 1900 ; Dean, Woman's Medical College, 1885-90, 1902 ;
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Michigan, 1891-93 ; Professor of Pharmacology and in charge
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est son, Stevenson, studied law and became Chief Justice of
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York 2801 York
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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1880; President, American Chem-
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sion," a cousin and legatee of Dr. Peter Sharp, of Calvert
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publishes the first treatise on Diseases of the Eye by an Ameri-
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TRIPPE, EDWARD RICHARD. 1893. Born at Easton, Md., 1840. Gradu-
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is both wise and humane, to be tolerated it must accomplish
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practiced and died in Calvert County, Md. See lists of 1807, 1848
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alive by their own specialties. The profits of the proprietary and
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travel as a tonic; Dr. Rohe advocated burial of the dead,
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W. Va., April 9, 1859. M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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Md., 1755. Surgeon, Revolutionary Army, and wounded. Died
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author of "A Manual of Practical Toxicology," I2mo, Baltimore,
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Washington, August 18, set. 50; G. Tyler, at Georgetown, Au-
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made some valuable discoveries in Applied Chemistry; Professor
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Annapolis; then attended lectures at Philadelphia and at Edin-
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of Pennsylvania, 1847; practiced with his father in Montgomery
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insufficient funds placed at its command. Much that was de-
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On the twenty-eighth of April, 1883, the following resolu-
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in Santiago campaign ; Surgeon, Twenty-ninth U. S. V. (in Philip-
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work of cataloguing had been entered upon, an assistant to the
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*JOHNSON, THOMAS R. 1828. Born in Washington County, Md.
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*BOND, HENRY D. 1817. Born in Maryland. M.D., University of
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1880 Faculty of Maryland, without a violation of their obligations to
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Baltimore, May 31, set. 64; M. S. Baer, at Baltimore, June 8,
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been deciphered by our Dr. Christopher Johnston; (c) Hebrew
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ciation of Baltimore. Died at Baltimore, July 16, 1888.
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the American Medical Recorder, vol. ii, 1819, speaks of his
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experience and the bacteriological study of the disease support
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(Honorary), University of Dublin, 1892; Lecturer on History
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System," "Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports," and other medical
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President, Frederick County Medical Society, 1898-99; Attending
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A.M., Princeton; M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1894; Assist-
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*BREWER, GEORGE G. 1874. Born in 1834. M.D., University of Mary-
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nor thought of exact observations. According to Cullen, the
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versity of Maryland, 1870; Resident Physician, Bayview Asylum;
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also notes relief in pertussis by vaccination. Smallpox and
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and there was, therefore, no impediment to his continuing in
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pital, 1812; Member of the Faculty of Washington University,
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From early life Dr. Martin was brought up in the doctrines
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versity of Maryland, 1840; Demonstrator of Anatomy, University
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and I. O. H. Address, Brooklyn, Anne Arundel County, Md.
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Fairfield," Worcester County, Md., November 25, 1776. Resided
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Baltimore Medical Journal, monthly, founded by Drs. Howard
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Cullen for the short remnant of the season. For some years
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versity of Pennsylvania, 1803 ; Surgeon's Mate, Twenty-seventh
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13). Semi-annual meeting of Medical and Chirurgical Fac-
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University of Maryland, 1894; Resident Obstetrician, Johns Hop-
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