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ods, but his letters show that he was a close observer, and that

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it can be none too high for other schools to strive for. The suc-

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$626.17 in all, including $46 from Nurses' Directory. By the

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*BARTLETT, ELISHA. Born at Smithfield, R. I., 1804. Educated at

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frained from resorting to the Directory, the revenues from the

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Listerism : ^The system is still in its infancy in this country

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33; J. M. Stevenson, at Baltimore, March 6, aet. 37; J. M.

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Pennsylvania, 1816; practiced for a long time near Urbana, Md.,

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William Kilty, Chancellor, of Maryland, at Annapolis, set. 63;

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Gynaecologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1898-99; practices at Salis-

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Mothers and Infants, 1890-92; in charge of Dispensary for Work-

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Pa., August 17, 1859. Educated at Gray's School, Glen Rock, Pa.;

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kins University, 1898; Interne, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1898-99;

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1684. A witch executed, the only instance in Maryland.

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clean a wound much better than any agents we had at our com-

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at Baltimore Annual meeting of Faculty held at Baltimore,

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son of W. H. Clendinen. Pupil of Dr. N. R. Smith; M.D., Univer-

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tember 12, 1782; son of Richard Wootton and brother of Turner

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meninges of susceptible animals will produce an acute menin-

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at Brookeville until 1895; after that at Baltimore. Died at Balti-

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practice in St. Mary's County; Associate Judge. "He had an

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portions," they say, "and has become possessed of such a varied

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Baltimore University, 1895-96; Dean, Baltimore University, 1891-

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called attention to the fact that there were certain rights, fran-

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been richly endowed, not a laboratory has been founded in one

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Professor of Clinical Surgery of same, 1901 ; Surgeon, Fifth

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manners, fine taste and great command of language, hospitable,

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inst., at Stark's Tavern, Baltimore, to digest a plan for the

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Maryland, 1883-85 ; Attending Physician, Baltimore General Dis-

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FORT, ALFRED J. 1836. M.D., University of Maryland, 1827. Of Ran-

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M.D.; Surgeon, U. S. N.; resided at Easton, 1847. A physician

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*KING, STEPHEN HENRY. 1897. Born at Boyle, Ireland, 1844. Gra-

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GAGE, A. B. 1892. M.D. Of Baltimore. (There is a "Gage, AmosL.;

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*POTTINGER, ROBERT. Founder. 1799. Attended the clinical lectures of

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and Robt. E. Rogers. Emigrated to America, 1791; medical pupil

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first of the two buildings has just been turned over to the city

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*CAUSSIN, NATHANIEL POPE. Born in Maryland, 1781. M.D.,

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rado Springs, 1886; appointed Aide on Governor Routt's staff, 1891 ;

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Hope Retreat; Surgeon, Pikesville Soldiers' Home, 1891 ; resides

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1891 ; Associate Resident Physician, Matley Hill Sanitarium, 1892-

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has the first land carriage propelled by steam in the world.

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"Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by this

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General U. S. Marine Hospital Service ; Dr. J. J. Moorman, of

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ternity Hospital; Resident Physician, Philadelphia Hospital for

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WARD, THOMAS J. 1878. M.D., University of Maryland, 1877. 25

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WHITAKER, JAMES S. 1898. M.D., Jefferson, 1879. Of Cherry Hill,

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*ANDERSON, JAMES MOAT, JR. Born at Chestertown, Kent County,

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and President, Clinical Society of Maryland, 1873-75 ; Vice- Presi-

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schools four years; M.D., University of Maryland, 1874; School

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The proceedings of the next year will show, however, that they

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Chest Clinic, University of Maryland ; Acting Assistant Surgeon,

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BYRENHEIDT, A. 1822. Of New Orleans. See list of 1848.

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during the Civil War, 1861-65; Editor of the Baltimore Under-

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the town was calkd "Locust Grove." Died at Taneytown, 1897.

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With regard to securing immunity in man by the inoculation

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after this. Medical College building on Lombard Street be-

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tioners, 1882-84 ; later, Professor of Surgery, College for Medical

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John Tyler, the celebrated coucher of cataracts, of Frederick;


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