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July 16, 1852. Graduated from Preston Academy; M.D., Chicago
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John Archer, the patriarch of medical graduates, of Harford,
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cal Society founded at Easton, Talbot, Caroline and Queen
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$995.77, leaving a balance in the treasury of $208.97. There
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Asylum, 1892-96, and Assistant Superintendent, Second Maryland
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U. S. A. Ninth Army Corps, 1865; Health Officer of Middletown,
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1836; removed to York, Pa., 1854; Member of the Philosophical
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From the Treasurer's report we note a still further falling
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Catalogue of the same library in 1893; the appropriations by
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*REESE, DAVID MEREDITH. Born in Maryland, 1800. M.D., University
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land Hospital with Dr. Colin Mackenzie and continued in joint
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Johns Hopkins University, 1896 ; author (with Dr. Hewetson)
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against it and resolutions were adopted and mailed to the mem-
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received from them, expressing his humiliation in being con-
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and left Baltimore on the Declaration of Independence; Surgeon
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WORTHINGTON, THOMAS CHEW. 1892. Born in Baltimore County, Md.,
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1893 The operation was long, but recovery was rapid and complete.
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law under General Winder; pupil in medicine under Dr. William
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of Materia Medica, Washington Medical College, 1827-39; Profes-
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forces at Annapolis inoculated by Dr. James Murray (April).
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ber 15, 1849. M.D., University of Maryland, 1870; Vaccine Physi-
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for the year by $286.09 making, with the deficiency of the pre-
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KING, DAVID. 1828. M.D., University of Maryland, 1824. Of Balti-
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the next day, when the officers (by personal effort) were suc-
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November 21, 1822 ; son of Dr. John Wootton. M.D., University of
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1839; edited with notes, "Armstrong on Typhus Fever," 8vo, Balti-
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(September 8). Dr. James McHenry taken prisoner at Battle
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1849; practiced in Baltimore and Cecil Counties. Died in Cecil
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versity, 1850; Assistant Surgeon, Purnell Legion, U. S. A., 1861 ;
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THOMPSON, AUGUSTINE W. 1894. M.D., University of Maryland, 1892;
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the library and fixtures at $5000. These estimates were evi-
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which a branch is established at Baltimore. Dr. Skipwith
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appointed to consider and report upon that portion of the ad-
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CATHELL, DANIEL WEBSTER. 1875. Born in Worcester County, Md.,
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his plantation, "Brookfield," near Nottingham, Prince George
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fany, J. C. Thomas, Gundry, Latimer, C. Johnston, Brune,
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cal appointment in South Carolina in War of 1861-65, and treated
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1750. "Whereas several persons permit stinking fish and
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and great growth : 3257 persons had made use of the books
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that the blood and the blood serum of animals naturally, or ren-
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BLAKE, JOHN D. 1889. Born in Mathews County, Va., November 3,
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France; Knight, Order of Isabella; claimed the discovery of hypo-
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the Treasurer reported "nearly 2000 volumes." The Cur-
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cellanies," 8vo, Philadelphia, Carey and Hart, 1845. Died at Balti-
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of securing the influence of the Faculty in favor of their pro-
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of "Dental Chemistry and Metallurgy," 8vo, 1854; "Art of Mining
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sylvania, 1891 ; Assistant in Surgery, Johns Hopkins University,
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McQ-EARY, STANDISH. 1894. Born at Baltimore, 1870. M.D., Col-
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*HERBERT THOMAS S. 1828. Born March 13, 1806. M.D., University
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is being taken up also in Europe. A few surgeons and path-
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he resided until his death ; in active practice for fifty-three years ;
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County, Md., August 7, 1879. See lists of 1848 and 1853.
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went to Texas, and later to Dakota. Died in Dakota, of con-
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1898 penses, $2832.91, leaving a balance in the treasury of $344.31.


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