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who clearly recognized diphtheria; Paul of Ephesus, whose

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ton; Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Bowdoin College, Me.,

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model for imitation. His scientific and professional attain-

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settled at Abingdon, Va., 1891; settled 'at Easton, 1893; Assistant,

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Lecturer in Medicine, 1900 ; Adjuster of Claims, Fidelity Mutual

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and 1848. Marked dead in the latter. (See Anderson, Warfield.)

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Physician in Charge, City Hospital Dispensary; Visiting Obstet-

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University, 1893, and more recently Associate in same; Associate

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highest accomplishment of the eye-surgeon a truly ideal

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the examination of the field of vision by the perimeter of

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Maryland College of Pharmacy; in drug business twenty-seven

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twelve years, 1840-52. His zeal and ability procured for him the

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sylvania, 1860; Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A., 1860; Surgeon, C. S.

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organism known, and this accounts for differences in severity

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lican and Argus; performed the first ovariotomy at Baltimore, in

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Hitzig and Nothnagle, showing that the convolutions are not

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I 853-58; Recording Secretary, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty,

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M.D., 1894, University of Virginia; Instructor in Genito-urinary

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versity, Baltimore, 1873 ; practices at Mount Winans, Md.

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to much embarrassment and anxiety. The committee to exam-

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Academy at Colora, Md., established. One hundred and

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dren, Baltimore Medical College, 1897 ; Gynaecologist, Maryland

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Hospital, 1899 ; Specialist, Eye, Ear and Throat. 1127 Madison

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removed to California, remaining five years ; then went to Europe,

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to this (but not the same) is reported in Van Buren & Keyes'

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Deaths : Drs. John Boyd, February 4, aet. 53 ; Jos. Harrison.

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ceutical exhibit brought in the sum of $155. The Treasurer's

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ance at this meeting is noticeable ; on the second day, at the

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Ear, University of Maryland, 1868-69; Attending Surgeon, Balti-

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and afterwards moved to Kentucky; was very wealthy; lived at

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clone in the State. Dr. J. Shelton Hill points out the value of

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outgrowth of observations made during the season. They are

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remain obscure in any community. "The unaffected urbanity

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County, Md. ; later, of Frederica, Del. See lists of 1807 and 1848.

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an invalid for many years. "No human being could lay a wrong at

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In opening his address he referred to the fact that Harvard had

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ark, Del.; pupil of Dr. Benjamin Rush; accompanied Washington

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bonds of brotherhood lin a profession which stands as a monu-

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Louisiana, 1884; Resident Physician, United States Marine Hos-

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student in hospitals at London, Paris and Edinburgh ; returned to

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cian, 1872-75 ; Coroner, Eastern District, 1880-83 ; Physician, City

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Harford County, Md., 1821. In list of 1848 marked dead.

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tion (May 8). One hundredth Anniversary of Organization

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minded children in 1887 ; the establishment of the bacterio-

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of Hierome L. Opie. Educated at Powers' School, Staunton, Va. ;

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CHISOLM, JULIAN JOHN. 1877. Born at Charleston, S. C., April 16,

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Washington on his way to Annapolis to resign his commis-

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running .order," the rules being 'so changed as to do away with

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Journal Club. Among the donations were 918 volumes from


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