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papers by Dr. Henry M. Wilson, Secretary. In 1863 there is
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Member of the First Branch City Council, 1872-76; Member of the
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versity of Maryland, 1821 ; appointed from Maryland, Assistant
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*HoLT, JOHN H. 1824. M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1853. Of
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WARFIELD, MACTIER. 1890. A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1881 ; M.D., Univer-
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25; Drs. Arnold Elzey, at Washington, June 6, set. 60; Barton
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might be introduced on a respectable Footing there, by getting
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English battalions could muster only one-seventh of their men.
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fact that there is to some extent a difference of opinion in
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eligible for membership unless he had passed the examination
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$60 per month and Surgeon's Mates $32 per month with ra-
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experience to fill the presidential chair. And although he en-
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54. Annual Member. See list of 1853. Full Member. Trans.,
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on the nerves, which are either stimulated or weakened. Yet,
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Diseases of the Throat and Nose, University of Maryland; Throat
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Hopkins University, 1890; M..D., University of Maryland, 1892;
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for ^Etna Life and Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New York,
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pearance in this country was at Medfield, in Massachusetts,
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day by the Secretary, Dr. Van Bibber, showed a higher stand-
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A moment's examination of the very complete catalogue of
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suggested that a more suitable room should be secured and
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33; J. M. Stevenson, at Baltimore, March 6, aet. 37; J. M.
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City Council the advisability of at once adopting some approved
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ton University, 1873-74; Superintendent, Maryland Hospital for
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4300 cases of labor from the practice of Dr. P. Chatard.
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ture of this Faculty, and undoubtedly is the cause of its unpre-
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fessor of Anatomy, Washington University, Baltimore, 1875-76;
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ber 6, 1858 ; son of Jacob W. Hoopman. A.B. 1880, and later A.M.,
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pital for Women of Maryland at Baltimore. Diphtheria pre-
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University of Mississippi, 1891 ; M.D., University of Pennsylvania,
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(June 22 and 29, July i, 2, 6, 9, 16). Dr. Elisha H<all re-
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*McCAFFRY, WILLIAM. 1821. M.D., University of Maryland, 1822.
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The Curator reported that the Roberts specimens had been
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the disease. Power, for instance, furnishes striking evidence
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Harford County Medical Society founded. State Normal
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special meeting. This recommendation was adopted, and Drs.
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1868. Hebrew Hospital begun. Measles epidemic. Dr. J.
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Educated at Bridgewater, Mass.; M.D., Howard University, 1872;
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St. Mary's. They land March 27. St. Mary's Town, for-
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Md., May 16, 1873. Educated at Charlotte Hall Military Academy;
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the Baltimore Medical Association, 1880-81. Died at Baltimore,
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St. John's College reopened. Bay view Asylum (Baltimore
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1898 penses, $2832.91, leaving a balance in the treasury of $344.31.
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under readily controlled conditions." The following conclu-
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William Goodell, at Philadelphia, October 27, set. 65.
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and advancing a science which has so many devoted laborers
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Shore Board, May i. M.D., College of Medicine of Maryland,
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demy; pupil of Dr. George E. Mitchell, of Elkton, 1804-06; attend-
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*FONERDEN, JOHN. 1826. Born at Baltimore, January 22, 1804. M.D.,
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* EDWARDS, CHARLES. 1812. M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1811.
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was pursuing his medical studies. To her he left by his will,
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dren;" Lecturer at the Peabody Institute, 1881. Died at Baltimore,
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first. After examination by the committee, these came up for
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passed Staats-examen ; Physician, North German Lloyd Steamship
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ture declares him and his male heirs citizens of Maryland for-
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which was a part and a very necessity of his nature. He rose
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Deaths : Drs. H. R. Noel, in Essex County, Va., January 23,
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spread of infectious diseases. It may consult and act with the
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