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ark, Del.; pupil of Dr. Benjamin Rush; accompanied Washington
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1843 ; reared in Mississippi. A.B., University of Mississippi ; Assist-
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student in hospitals at London, Paris and Edinburgh ; returned to
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(May 15 and again in September). Baltimore Infirmary (Uni-
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Deaths : Drs. Henry Skinner, set. 34 ; James Smyth, at
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cian, 1872-75 ; Coroner, Eastern District, 1880-83 ; Physician, City
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Harford County, Md., 1821. In list of 1848 marked dead.
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land, 1895 ; Assistant Resident Physician, University Hospital,
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eyes are saved from the destructive effects of ophthalmia
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Educated at University of Maryland (School of Letters and Philo-
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Pupil of Dr. Wm. Handy. M.D., Washington Medical College,
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fantry, February 17, 1817; resigned, August i, 1818; Post Surgeon,
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Founders of the Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia. Of
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the South," I2mo, Bialtimore, 1861. Died at Baltimore, of
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Cheever, M.D., on the subject, "Does Medicine Advance"
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Physician, Sheppard Asylum, 1892-95 ; Superintendent, State Insti-
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*WALLS, WILLIAM W. 1814. M.D., University of Maryland, 1814 ;
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Demonstrator of Pathology, Baltimore Medical College, 1895-96;
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FLEXNER, SIMON. 1892. Born at Louisville, Ky., about 1865 ; son of
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SHERTZER, ABRAM TREGO. 1874. Born in Lancaster County, Pa., May
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atmosphere, as in smallpox, contagion will be common. It
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and Chirurgical Faculty, 1840; President, Medical and Chirurgical
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cal scholar; particularly fond of botany. His office was full of
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right to organize a Board of Medical Examiners, composed
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1858 dition of the treasury consequent on the purchase of the hall,
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1884-85; President, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1885-86;
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year, 3379 pounds of tobacco and 3 barrels of corn. John
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Very considerable embarrassment was encountered in making
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practiced dentistry about forty-six years ; discovered a new mineral,
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Wars of 1860 and 1870; emigrated to America and practiced as
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having the same verified, whereupon they were to be entitled
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reception given on that occasion to M. Pasteur, "whose renown
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land County, Va., about 1832-34. He married twice; first, Miss
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practice at Baltimore, 1880; Acting Assistant Surgeon, Marine
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Chirurgical Faculty meets at Baltimore. Early in July cholera
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and Microscopy introduced at University of Maryland. Yel-
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ANDRE, JAMES RIDGWAY. 1852. Born near Seaford, Sussex County,
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1887-92 ; Assistant to the Surgical Clinic, and later, Lecturer on
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tion of the first Pathological Society, which met for organiza-
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the name of "The Medical Annals of Baltimore," embraced :
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Army, 1864; Assistant Surgeon, United States Army, 1865-69; set-
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683 for yellow fever sufferers at Norfolk and Portsmouth.
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1815; married Miss Julia Berrien, 1817; left two sons, both phy-
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and of Arterial Pressure upon the Cardio-Inhibitory Action of
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A decision of the President at this time made the term "cur-
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Cecil County, Md. ; later, of Kennett Square, Chester County, Pa.
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tion and through the influence of Dr. William Osier, Messrs.
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House of Representatives had already voted to reduce the
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land Volunteers, U. S. A., 1863-65. 1120 North Gay Street, Bal-
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