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oath, stating the nature of the mental trouble, and the grounds
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Queen Anne's County (Q.). See lists of 1807 and 1848.
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revealing new and unexpected facts and points of view con-
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In accordance with the suggestions of the joint committee
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this small amount, several books had been purchased and two
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graduated there, 1808; began practice near Benedict, Charles
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the very front rank of sanitary excellence; the successful
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Hopkins University, 1890; M..D., University of Maryland, 1892;
can prednisone increase blood sugar levels
*BUFFINGTON, JOHN F. 1870 (). Born near Taneytown, Carroll
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ham Academy, Cecil County; A.B., Princeton College, 1760;
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*LUCKEY, WILLIAM N. 1811. Pupil of Dr. Thomas E. Bond, of Balti-
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of these institutions in the British Islands, there is not one
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stock transferred in the purchase of the hall, which by agree-
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Baltimore ; M.D., University of Maryland, 1823 ; practiced in Fred-
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*WEBSTER, HENRY WORTHINGTON. 1823. Born at Baltimore, 1795 ; son
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shall College, 1849; A.M. (ad eund.), St. James College, 1854, and
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aet. 66; A. C. Robinson, in Baltimore County, November 9,
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cated at Gymnasium at Soest ; emigrated to Baltimore, 1853 ; pupil
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sicians and Surgeons, 1876-83; of the Practice of Medicine, 1883 ;
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mile from Rockville, where ! e lived, aggregating eight hundred
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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, 1874. Died at Balti-
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a faithful and zealous member of it throughout his life. On
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such resumes were helpful, but now this information could be
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*HAWKINS, JOHN B. M.D., University of Maryland, 1825. Of Port
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removing to Baltimore; removed to 1320 Spruce Street, Philadel-
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1797. M.D., University of Maryland, 1818. Died at Churchville.
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thirty years ; President, Maryland State Lunacy Commission.
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*BAER, CHARLES J. 1856. Born at Frederick City, Md., August 8,
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M.D., University of Maryland, 1823. Of Calvert County, Md. Died
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GWINN, WILLIAM B. 1827. M.D., University of Maryland, 1827. Of
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Shaaff, of Annapolis, and attended lectures at the University of
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offer of Dr. Toner of his library but in view of the impossi-
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of Dr. Smith Fuller, of Uniontown, Pa.; M.D., Jefferson, 1854;
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I, 1814. Educated at the Baltimore College and St. Mary's College,
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to the active political canvass going on at the time, the Gov-
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to be discovered who guarantees a donation sufficient to erect
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personal feeling, "the want of which is so much experienced
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annual dues for city members $6, instead of $5 ; those for county
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versity of Maryland, 1902 ; Surgeon, University Hospital, 1896 .
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* JONES, WILLIAM J. 1885. Born at Baltimore (), 1858. M.D., Uni-
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at Owings' Mills, Md., March i, 1880. See list of 1848.
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at Baltimore. Dr. George Buchanan publishes his "Treatise
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Pharmacy ; M.D., University of Maryland, 1882 ; Lecturer on Chem-
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On the twenty-eighth of April, 1883, the following resolu-
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HARTWIG, CHARLES W. 1898. Born at Baltimore, December 18, 1866.
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*DIXON, P. Censor, 1819 (American Medical Recorder, 1819). Of
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son of Dr. Joseph Parrish. Educated at Burlington, N. J. ; M.D.,
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not practice, but devoted his life to farming ; Censor for Calvert
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Point (August 29). Dr. Joseph Allender warns the Board of
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and Baltimore City. Dr. R. W. Johnson elected President of
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most early punctures, the fluid was turbid. No ill effects
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*HAMILTON, CHARLES. 1831-32. . Of Prince George County, Md. Died
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Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin and Paris ; Certificate in Obstetrics,
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lege ; Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of Maryland ;
prednisone dose for cats with ibd
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cieties; President, Baltimore Medical Association; Vice-President,
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author of "Magendie's Summary of Physiology," translation, Balti-
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An interesting event took place on the evening of the third
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under Gen. Albert Sydney Johnston, 1857-58; resigned, June I, 1861 ;
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*KENT, JOSEPH. 1801 (). Of Prince George County, Md. See lists
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