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*DOYLE, H. G. 1829. M.D., Transylvania University, Ky., 1822. Of

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decaying fruit, such with the rotting wood, such with the

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tor in Medicine ; Associate in Medicine, 1902 . Address, Johns

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Medical and Surgical Reporter, 1848, The Sanitary Commission Bul-

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in Europe, 1895-97; Resident Physician, St. Agnes' Hospital, Balti-

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1873-76; retired, December 30, 1876. Died at Philadelphia, Sep-

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city, State and national governments, with statistics of our

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University of Pennsylvania, 1806 or 1807 ; Surgeon, Packet Ship

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land, 1833. Of Bristol, Anne Arundel County, Md. Died at

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tegrity, qualities to which, doubtless, he owed in large measure

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ical Superintendent, Southern Ohio Insane Asylum, 1861-72; Vice-

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1871. The annual meeting was held on the fourth of April.

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Medical and Philosophical Lyc&um., 1811 (quarterly, four num-

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tion, on railways and steamships. The isolation of patients is

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lum, Pontiac, 1878-89; Superintendent, Johns Hopkins Hospital,

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turer on Hygiene, Woman's Medical College, 1893-95; Professor

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ings were held twice a month, at which several very instructive

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The semi-annual meeting of 1895 was held in Belair, Novem-

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1801 ; son of Elijah Davis, Founder. M.D., University of Mary-

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University of Maryland, 1888-90; Chief of Eye and Ear Clinic,

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Baltimore. Cost, $16,000 in fee, improvements $5000 to $6000.

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Surgery, Harvard, 1877; Professor of Surgery, Harvard, 1882;

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any departures from the true spirit of the supreme law of the

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German Streets, on the morning of the ninth of May, 1813.

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Revolution, settled in practice at Taneytown; Censor, 1803; Major

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Charities Hospital, Cambridge, Md., 1898. i West Biddle Street,

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the Fort (September i). Legislature grants $3000 additional

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1898 ; Surgeon, Franklin Square Hospital ; Visiting Physician,

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University of Maryland, 1819; Resident Physician, City Hospital,

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where the annual meetings had been several times held, was

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disinfecting station, and the encouragement thus afforded to

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WELLS, JOHN B. M.D., University of Maryland, 1823. Of Annapolis.

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WYLIE, HAMILTON BOYD. 1881. Born at Baltimore, May 5, 1855 ; son

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meets at Baltimore and renominates Lincoln for President

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than at the previous report. Among important additions were

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land, 1887 ; Examining Physician, Prudential Insurance Company ;

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Visiting Physician to Bayview Asylum ; Neurologist to Johns Hop-

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have been looked for at first, sufficed to put the Society well on

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roll County. Here is a letter to him from Dr. Cullen, dated

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no practical obstacle," says the Executive Committee, "to the

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more, 1888 ; Resident Physician, Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat

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of Maryland Hospital. Medical Society (ephemeral) organ-

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at Washington, D. C. ; retired, 1863 ; in the Government employ,

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M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1789 (title of Thesis "Dissertatio

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explanation of the "quaint, old-timey name which the physi-

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dental text-book, "Harris' Principles and Practice of Dentistry,"

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lege of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, 1892; Assistant Resi-

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more approved by the Mayor (September 9). Mayor approves

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the largest amount ever received by the committee ; 396 vol-

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of his party. He also made many bitter enemies in the oppo-

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Charge and Receive Compensation for their Services and Medi-

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" 31, 1834, 4 " Commercial and Farmers Bank, . 100.00


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