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ing officers : a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary,
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McCuRDY, IRA JAY. 1896. Born at York, Pa., 1869. A.B., New
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County, Md., November 6, 1865. Educated at Swarthmore Col-
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to Harford County, 1822; on Governor's Council, 1823-27; Judge
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by a mind which did not crave luxuries, but was satisfied with
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operations an effort should be made towards this end."
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thony Bagnall, chirurgeon," who also wrote the account of this
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ever, was but meagrely attended and chiefly by Baltimore and
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Whatever weakens and degrades the body in any way favors
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versity, as during the several preceding years. Delegates
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late War and served in the Councils of his native State with use-
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Gray, Founder. Died in Calvert County, 1823 () (Q.). In list
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Maryland," 1891, and of "Medical Annals of Maryland: the Centen-
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1785 ; son of Col. Allen McLane, U. S. A. Educated at Princeton
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*DUCATEL, JULES TIMOLEON. Born at Baltimore, June 6, 1796; son of
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*FISHER, WILLIAM R. 1828. Born at Philadelphia, 1808. M.D.;
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Diseases of Women, Baltimore University, 1892-97; Examining
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this meeting. In consequence of an advertisement in the daily
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JONES, C. HAMPSON. 1884. Born at Baltimore, December n, 1858.
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of the profession were heeded, the latter would almost, if not
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Association ; Lecturer on Neurology, Washington University, Bal-
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Graduated from Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 1812, taking
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Md., September 28, 1839; son of Thomas McKnew. Educated at
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balance of $90.11 in the treasury, more than that amount would
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1867 ; retired from practice, 1853, and removed to Harford County :
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and Dr. J. J. Chisolm, Professor of Eye and Ear Diseases, at
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erick, delivered "a very interesting and able oration," and the
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counsel not to bring the suit. The first specialist, therefore,
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and Wm. H. Clendinen being charter members; the institu-
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President, vice Upton Scott declining reelection. Medical
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TOWNSEND, WILLIAM GUY. 1891. Born at Royal Oak, Talbot County,
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of 1790) ; some called it an "epidemic putrid cold." Bank of
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and committee room of the building had been rented to Drs. C.
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WORTHINGTON, JOSEPH MUSE. 1898. Born at "Belvoir," on the Severn
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the town was calkd "Locust Grove." Died at Taneytown, 1897.
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University of Maryland, 1825 ; is credited to Baltimore, 1826. "A
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Medical College, a Christian school for coeducation of both
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1824. Educated at Delaware College, Newark ; M.D., Jefferson,
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Brown, in St. Mary's County, July 3, set. 57 ; R. I. Duckett, in
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August 17, 1870. Educated at the State Normal School, St. John's
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for practice at Middletown, Frederick County, Md. ; Examining
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*ROBERTSON, JAMES B. 1826. Born at White Haven, Somerset County,
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them, would give but little insight into their contents, I would
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nucleus, was expected to meet once a month to hear papers
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Md., September 8, 1854. A.B., Princeton College, 1876; M.D.,
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1861-65; removed to Baltimore, 1866; Professor of Materia Medica,
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two marine hospitals and a large number of relief stations, giving
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After a year spent in his former location in Delaware, de-
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grated to America, 1840; educated at Union University, Albany,
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son of Dr, R. H. P. Ellis. Educated at Friends' School and Johns
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for Nervous Diseases, College of Physicians and Surgeons ; Vis-
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December 15, 1807; son of John Thomas and Sarah Howe Bond.
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sional engagements compelled him to decline, to the period of
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Pennsylvania, 1815 ; settled at Brookeville, Montgomery County,


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