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geons, Baltimore, 1890; Assistant Resident Physician, Bayview

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cated at the Free School of Chestertown and Washington College

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Mountain House, 1896-99; Resident Physician, Hospital for

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on Pathology and Histology, Woman's Medical College, Balti-

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Md., 1769; Chairman of the Committee of Safety of Frederick

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went into winter quarters at Breda. The season, as we learn

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land, 1813-19; Surgeon, Maryland Militia, 1814; Dean, University

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Association, 1872; President of the Alumni Association, Chicago

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The semi-annual meeting was held at Cambridge, Dorches-

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cians of Baltimore are Drs. Johnson, Good wan, Troup, An-

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our national song. He was an accomplished scholar and a popu-

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Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. 1128 Cathedral Street,

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In November, 1812, he began another course on Natural

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to solicit members for voluntary contributions for necessary

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CLEMSON, HARRY ELLIS. 1898. Born at Elkton, Md., November 17,

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dress by Mr. Brantz Mayer (Ottober 23). Medical and Chi-

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1812, at Baltimore; M.D. (Honorary), University of Maryland,

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University of Kentucky ; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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Bath Commission, "a generous benefactor has allowed himself

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only son of Dr. James Montgomery. M.D., University of Mary-

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versity of Pennsylvania, 1882; taught in the public schools in

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Rebellion;" dismissed, 1864; Professor of Diseases of the Mind and

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waif, he carved his way upward against what to most men

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State were compelled by law to take out licenses. The com-

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ization .in J/pp in their own hall, and under circumstances so

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M.D., University of Maryland, 1823; Censor, 1840. Died in

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1899 Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins and the rest

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81 ; President, Alumni Association, University of Maryland, 1891-

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of the Bible Society of Baltimore and of the Penitentiary; Lecturer

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University of Maryland, 1879; Professor of Surgery, Baltimore

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Medical College ; Professor of Practice and Dean of Oglethorpe

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MANSFIELD, ARTHUR D. 1890. Born at Baltimore, June 25, 1868.

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cian." Died at Baltimore, November 30, 1836. See lists of 1807

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A double card catalogue was soon completed. The pam-

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Pinard's "Abdominal Palpation." 108 East Read Street, Baltimore.

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Dr. Christopher Johnston presented to the Society bronze

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WINTERSON, CHARLES RITCHIE. 1892. Born at West River, Md., August

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1811; Honorary Member of the Medical Society of Baltimore

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sor of Physiological Anatomy, Medical College of South Carolina,

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and independent board. The Faculty had been the only endur-

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Baltimore, 1830. Of Frederick City, Md. See lists of 1848 and

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among us, for they have reflected the highest credit upon our

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were several editions of the above Q.) Died in 1836 (Q.).

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on yellow fever in the South, 1879; Editor, Baltimore Medical

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ical College, 1883 ; Demonstrator of Anatomy, Baltimore Medical

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1882-83. Died at Baltimore, Sep-

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*LAZEAR, JESSE WILLIAM. 1897. Born in Baltimore County, May 20,


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