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1899 Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins and the rest

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81 ; President, Alumni Association, University of Maryland, 1891-

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of the Bible Society of Baltimore and of the Penitentiary; Lecturer

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University of Maryland, 1879; Professor of Surgery, Baltimore

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Medical College ; Professor of Practice and Dean of Oglethorpe

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MANSFIELD, ARTHUR D. 1890. Born at Baltimore, June 25, 1868.

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cian." Died at Baltimore, November 30, 1836. See lists of 1807

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A double card catalogue was soon completed. The pam-

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Pinard's "Abdominal Palpation." 108 East Read Street, Baltimore.

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Dr. Christopher Johnston presented to the Society bronze

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WINTERSON, CHARLES RITCHIE. 1892. Born at West River, Md., August

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1811; Honorary Member of the Medical Society of Baltimore

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sor of Physiological Anatomy, Medical College of South Carolina,

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and independent board. The Faculty had been the only endur-

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Baltimore, 1830. Of Frederick City, Md. See lists of 1848 and

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among us, for they have reflected the highest credit upon our

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were several editions of the above Q.) Died in 1836 (Q.).

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on yellow fever in the South, 1879; Editor, Baltimore Medical

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ical College, 1883 ; Demonstrator of Anatomy, Baltimore Medical

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Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, 1882-83. Died at Baltimore, Sep-

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*LAZEAR, JESSE WILLIAM. 1897. Born in Baltimore County, May 20,

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tember 7, 1860. Pupil of Dr. B. R. Benson; M.D., University of

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opened to Ohio River (January 10). Institution for Blind

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vue, 1868; practiced at Staunton, Va., 1868-73; since that at Bal-

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*JAMESON, RUSH. 1827. Born at Adams Town, Lancaster County,

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ing Physician, Special Dispensary, 1866 (these were the first clinics

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University of Maryland, 1836. Died at Baltimore, April 25, 1880.

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ried, first, daughter of Dr. Philip Thomas, and second, Miss Merry-

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WATERS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER. 1857. Born near Brookeville, Montgom-

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Potter, of Caroline County, elected members of State Con-

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fessor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, Washington University, Bal-

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*LYON, SAMUEL HALL. 1827 (). Born in Baltimore County, Md.,

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the Eye, and Dean of Faculty of Maryland Medical College, 1898 .

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Director, Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, 1894+ ; Vice-President,

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graduated in the School of Chemistry, University of Virginia,

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son of Dr. Theodore Cooke. A.B., Johns Hopkins University,

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The finances of the Society were reported to be in a healthy

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gentlemen with a copy of the above resolution." 1853

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*BEATTY, GEORGE DOBBIN. 1877. Born at Baltimore, November 30,

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E. Stone, "Early Diagnosis and Operation in Osteo-sarcoma

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be reflected, which was then done. A supper was given by

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form not of an upbuilding of the old Society, but of founding

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Official Authority of the War Department;" of four prize essays;

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the latter. A reduction was therefore recommended to $5 per

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*BARBER, GEORGE A. 1821. M.D., University of Maryland, 1821. Of

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more, March 25, set. 36; Joseph Roby, at Baltimore, June 3,

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CROTHERS, RANSOM R. 1886. Born near Conowingo, Cecil County, Md.,

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*WILKINS, JOSEPH. 1853. Born at Baltimore, September 21, 1823; son

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Delegates. Dr. Josias Carvil Hall, member of Governor's

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22, 1831. M.D., University of New York, 1855 ; reside, at Emmits-


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