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1871-72 and 1882-83; President, Medical and Chirurgical Faculty,

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simply on the ground of its being artistic, or to the bibliophile

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ondary cataract, the introduction of local anaesthesia by

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Although the receipts had fallen off and the number of nurses

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convey the organisms, but if dried they may be inhaled. They

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latter being appropriated to the Library Committee, and this

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it in pamphlet form and distribute it to every regular practi-

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Baltimore City College; M.D., University of Maryland, 1872; Lec-

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Thomas E. Bond, at New York City, March 14, get. 74; Pere-

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WILLIAMS, JOHN WHITRIDGE. 1888. Born at Baltimore, January 26,

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advance in abdominal surgery was shown by the following

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The election of Dr. Baer a day or two later, however, indicates

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latter. (A Dr. Hamilton was Deputy Health Officer of Baltimore,

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practiced at Baltimore. Last entry in Folk's Directory is 1896.

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more and as such made a report on the health of the city to

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Being who has made nothing in vain and who often makes

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A.B., Maryland Agricultural College, 1874; A.M., 1877; taught

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promises a more successful field for appeal," and recommended

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Chester Church. Dr. James Sparrold, of Baltimore, taxed as

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*PINDELL, RICHARD. Founder. 1799. Born at Hagerstown, Md., 1755.

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Knight procures vaccine virus by variolating the cow. Mary-

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and Potomac, and Western Maryland Railroads. Died at Balti-

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light of the investigations made up to that time. Attention

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6, 1861 ; Assistant Surgeon, C. S. N., 1861-65 ; was on. cruiser

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*PRICE, ANDREW BAILLIE. 1892. Born at Nanjemoy, Charles County,

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1843 ; son of M. P. Schoch. Pupil of Dr. Dunbar, 1863-64 ; at Jef-

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*McGiLL, CHARLES B. 1823. Born in Maryland. Brother of Thomas

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prived of it for six years (March 24). Dr. Jacob Lumbrozo,

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*COSKERY, FELIX S. 1853. Born in 1815. M.D., University of Mary-

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geon's Mate to the British Army in the Highlands and Flanders,

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was a large amount of practical work. Institutions were

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The President, Dr. Rohe, made an address in which the fol-

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istry. Union Bank built on North Charles Street. Relief

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son'of Charles Jessop. M.D., University of Maryland, 1821; prac-

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*NICHOLAS, JOSEPH. Of Dorchester County, Md. In list of 1848

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drug business at Baltimore ; the Board of Examiners of the

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SMITH, ZEBINA. M.D. Of Williamsport, Md. See lists of 1848,

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College of Baltimore, 1891-1902; Dean, Woman's Medical College of

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was due to men of gigantic intellects. There has been an ele-

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M.D., University of Maryland, 1891 ; Assistant in Ophthalmology and

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Maryland, 1852; Assistant Surgeon, U.S.A., 1857-64; Professor

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County, 1885-89. Died at Thomas Run, Harford County, July 13,

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ber against whom charges are pending shall have the right to

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its proper revenues has obliged the committee to restrict its

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The Committee on Publication announced the receipt from

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in Brazil, began practice at Salzgittin ; came to Baltimore, 1853.

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Maryland and the District of Columbia, 1807; Consulting Physi-

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clearly seeing the course that ought to be pursued, will be a

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Dr. Abraham Jacobi, of New York, came next, his subject

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of Physicians and Surgeons, 1888 ; Professor of Anatomy, Bal-

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