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BYE, CHARLES P. 1835. Born in Pennsylvania. M.D., Jefferson, 1831.
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lithotomy ("Report of Fifty-two Successful Cases of Lithotomy,"
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emy (4 years) and Princeton (4 years) ; A.B., Princeton, 1861 ;
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of Anatomy and Physiology, Baltimore College of Dental Sur-
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986.73, the Courtland Street house being valued at $5700, and
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Academy, Harford County, Md. ; M.D., University of Maryland,
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WHITE, STEPHEN N. C. M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1821 ; Vice-
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C. Wilson. Committee on General Sanitation appointed.
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ing a town on the north side of Patapsco in Baltimore County,
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M.D., Baltimore Medical College, 1895; Resident Physician, Balti-
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Harvard University, 1892-93 ; Professor of Physiology, Johns Hop-
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and Fayette Streets having been rented for its use at an expense
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George County, Md. ; also a Dr. Walter Bruce, of the same
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a Delphian Evening," I2mo, Baltimore, 1821. An elegant scholar
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and Geology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Maryland ;
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tral Analysis ; 9, Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology.
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M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1867. Of Clear Spring, Md.
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rifice and to submit to any deprivation to attain this object.
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Of Baltimore; later, of Tuscaloosa, Ala. See list of 1848. The
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Merchants National Bank, Baltimore, 1839-79 ; Member of the City
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A brief report of the proceedings of the year was published
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bers, its affairs had not prospered as had been hoped. The
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Dr. Tiffany reported a successful amputation at the hip
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have authority to fill vacancies in their Board when due to
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tario, Canada, August 22, 1864. Educated at the Normal School,
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phan Asylum ; for six years a member of the Board of School Com-
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Coroner, 1870; School Commissioner; Vaccine Physician, 1873;
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Journal Club founded (October 29). Faculty of School of
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of East Baltimore for services in yellow fever epidemic of
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in 1880 resigned the didactic chair and, in 1888, the clinical chair;
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*ROACH, WILLIAM H. Founder. 1799. Of St. Mary's County, Md.
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SAPPINGTON, THOMAS P. Born at Unionville, Md., February 7, 1847;
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1850. A.B., Loyola College, Baltimore, 1867; student of Dr. W.
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out the country with great success, and great increase of the
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each, and thirteen $5 each, towards the expenses of the library,
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land, charters are sacred. The only law passed by the Legis-
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the University Museum, where they would be carefully pre-
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names were published (May 4). War declared against Eng-
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Dr. Archer is represented as having been considerably above
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School of Medicine, University of Virginia, 1824; M.D. (Honor-
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the purchase of 6>)4 acres for the City Hospital for $600.
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with General Cadwallader, of Philadelphia, Pattison escaping in-
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Educated at the Episcopal High School and the University of Vir-
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the medical departments of the British Museum and the Na-
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("Va.") ; practices at Cumberland, Md., residing on the West Vir-
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woman in the fourth month of pregnancy who went to full
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1644. Mrs. Hebden, wife of Dr. Thos. Hebden, of St. Maries,
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CLARVOE, JOHN B. H. W. 1827. M.D., University of Maryland, 1827.
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CALVERT, EDWARD H. 1833. M.D.; Member of the General Assembly
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napolis, 1830; M.D., University of Maryland, 1834; Demonstrator
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"WHEREAS, An effort is being made, with a reasonable ex-
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"the aggregate number of free hospital beds in Baltimore [888,
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ancient and honorable medical society, nothing seems more ap-


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